CoCo Lacquer Summer Neon Review!

Hey there! I hope you all had a fun and memorable weekend! I was sent a few summer polishes to review from Angela over at CoCo Lacquer. She makes handmade nail polish that is 4-free, and dries quickly for busy women to enjoy quality lacquers. She has quite a selection of fun neons, glitters, and sets for even those who love classics like Tiffany blue! Ironically, her Tiffany Blue is what got me falling in love with her lovely line of polishes! She is wonderful, and even wrapped up the mini sets in little black organza bags.

First is a Milky Base Coat $2/5ml or $4.50/15ml, and Silky Top Coat $2/5ml or $4.50/15ml.




As well as Barbarella (neon pink) and Flash (neon yellow/hint of keylime) both with a creme finish. Full size is $6, or you can get Flash with the whole Neon Summer Collection in mini’s ($14) or full size ($36). Which is very affordable for a whole Indie lacquer collection! Barbarella is a newly released polish, so be sure to grab yours before it sells out!




She actually currently has a promotional code listed on her website for 40% off if you use code “Coco13”! I ordered the full size neon set for $23.60 shipped! That’s a jaw-dropping, amazing price for quality indie lacquer, and I will now own my very first neon nail polishes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Be sure to hurry and catch the promo before it’s over!


Getting to the fun part, painting my nails! I painted one coat of the Milky Base Coat, which dried surprisingly fast and glass-like shiny! Application was very smooth, easy and dried lightning fast. I am planning on buying this polish to wear on it’s own and have a glossy mirror-like shine to a natural mani!


Once that dried, I applied 3 coats of Flash and let that completely dry as well. As I stated earlier, her polishes tend to dry very fast. Usually within minutes the polish is touch-dry. Since I had a particular design in mind, I let my polish dry for the day and applied 1 coat of the Silky Top Coat. Which, like it’s sister base coat, is very shiny! Application was a bit streaky with the first coat, which is no problem because the 2nd and 3rd coats really evened out perfectly. The color is incredibly vibrant, it almost feels blinding to look at directly! I love it!! Dried very, very quickly which makes my life easier!



Next I used these sticker guides for a french mani, and Barbarella, a stunning neon pink. I will also be using the flower decals that I won in a giveaway.



The step by step photos show to apply the french sticker guide where you want the tips to be, and paint! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Once finished, carefully lift the stickers and touch up as needed. Barbarella pink is gorgeous, I tend to favor pink anyway, but seriously it’s a stunning bright tropical pink! I only needed to apply 1 coat, but applied 2 to be safe and make sure it came out true to color. As with the others, it dries very fast.



For the flower decals, these were my final choices and finished mani! I completed this with two coats of Silky Top Coat. It’s interesting that even though the top coat is tinted pink, it didn’t alter the brightness of the colors. Dry time is minimal and brings shiny results!



I’d love to hear what you think of this mani and see photos if you decide to re-create something similar!


The lovely Angela is also on Facebook, if you liked her polishes! For Etsy shoppers, visit here. As far as pricing goes, mini’s are $2, and full sizes $6-$6.50. Prices vary for sets and collections, but I will say this, her prices are the best I’ve seen out there for Indie nail polishes and her shipping is very low! She also sells lip glosses that you might want to check out if you’re a lip fanatic like myself! Thank you so much for viewing this, and as always comments are always welcomed and appreciated!


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