My Cotton Bunny Summer Dreams Bundle June 2014

Starting June 2014 off with My Cotton Bunny and a Summer Dreams Bundle sounds just perfect! Here’s a first look at everything upon opening the box! I opted for Tampax Pearls and U by Kotex rotating every other month, and this month is the Pearls!




The gift is a set of Angel Wing Ear Cuffs with Rhinestones. Description: “Highlight the contour of your ear with the latest fashion accessory. No piercing required.” I’m normally not a fan of clip on earrings because they tend to pink the ear too hard but these are loose enough to be comfortable. Plus they’re really cute and my husband likes them. 😃



The first treat is Wild Flower Honey Packets by Honeypax. I only received one but the title has Packets as plural, so I’m not sure if I am missing other honey packets? Which makes me a little sad. Description: “All-natural Premium Wild Flower Honey is an ideal gourmet sweetener for coffee and tea, but ca be enjoyed on its own as well.”


Next treat is St. Claire’s Organics – Key Lime Tarts. Description: “Organic candy, with Acerola Berry Vitamin C, has a citrus zing and the taste of Key Lime Pie!” I have GERD so I gave this to my husband, plus key lime pie is one of his favorites!


Askinosie Chocolate Ittie Bar. This was tasty perfection. Description: “High-quality, all-natural, made-from-scratch, delicious bite of chocolate. (Nut free)” It would have been nice to get a few more, rather than just one tiny piece, or even a whole chocolate bar for a change.


Last treat up is RJ’s Raspberry Licorice Logs. Description: “Untraditional, soft, and delicious. Raspberry licorice from New Zealand Natural Goods.” I’m normally not a fan of licorice, but this was just the right amount of chewy but didn’t stick to the teeth horribly.


The bonus item is supposed to be an extra sterling silver bracelet which for the first time, my bonus item was missing. Which makes me wonder what else was missing in my box. I almost want to say it was kind of all thrown together quickly. The value felt a little skimped on with the items in this box, but I still am a devout fan of My Cotton Bunny! Plus it’s special being from my husband.

Extra goodies included two sample packets of Always Radiant Wipes-To-Go. “Carry-anywhere wipes for on-the-go freshness.” These are always handy!


They did kindly send me some extra beads for my previous sterling bracelet because I wrote them letting them know that I liked it but sadly it was still way too big to fit my tiny wrist. With these new beads it it fits like a charm! It, in my mind, makes up for any of the missing items. I am happily wearing my bracelet around and love looking at all the lovely charms!





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