Glitter Guilty June 2014 Box

As always it’s extremely exciting to discover what polishes are inside my Glitter Guilty box! She has never disappointed me and it’s always leaving me looking forward to the beginning of the month! Here’s the first look! She promised us something personalized for our accessory this time, and it looks like it’s the adorable file at the top of the box!


Here is the adorable Glitter Guilty mini nail file!!


Starting with the bright pink gorgeous polish, it’s a neon sheer pink jelly with tiny neon pink glitter in it and some large neon pink hex. It’s almost a little sad that the pink hex get lost in the polish once applied since it’s so close to the polish color, but I don’t care I still love it! This is called Hot Bahama Mama, perfect!


Par-tay Rockin is the monthly mini full of tons of different glitter shapes, sizes and colors! It is a glitter party in a mini bottle.


I used these for my pedi along of one of my previous Glitter Guilty monthly mini’s for a bright, summer perfect sparkling pedi!


I’m very pleased with this box as a whole, which is what I’ve come to naturally expect!


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