Nail Mail and Mani

I was recently in a situation in my nail swap group where I was kind of screwed. My partner and I had agreed on a $50 swap and I guess it was one sided where I received nothing from her, for a few months. It’s sadly lost a lot of my confidence/trust in swaps, and I’m already the type to not give my trust out easily, I thought I’d found a friend in her but her sister in law is very kind and a member of the group. She even sent me out some stuff to make up for it, which of course she didn’t have to at all, which made me feel much lighter about the situation. I’ve let it go already and haven’t participated in swaps in a while but thought I’d share the generous nail gifts the wonderful sister in law sent me!


Here are the nail polish related items. I love OPI polishes and textured ones too, so I was really excited about these mini’s!



I am also in love with the Rocker Pink by Brash. I’ve never heard of Brash polish so I’m not sure where you buy it, but it’s a gorgeous pink and I think one of my favorite pinks now!



I even created a fun mani using it, a Jamberry accent, and some of my Nailed Kit water decals. Here is a photo before decals so you can see the lovely pink.

My finished mani!



These lime green gingham wraps are vibrantly perfect for summer too! I’m looking forward to trying out maybe a french mani with these wraps. Since they’re made with real nail polish I will have to use the wraps up quickly once opened, so they don’t dry out.


I could always use dotting tools, and these have a pretty marbled look in the sticks.


I really love everything and will use it all!


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