Nailed Kit Prepster and Citrus Fresh June Decals

I recently mentioned signing up for Nailed Kit’s monthly decal club, where you receive two decal sheets for $10 and free shipping! They are water decals, so they’re very thin and easy to work with, without having to layer tons of top coat to prevent lifting or peeling. I love them! If you don’t want to commit and shop their decals they are $8 each and always free shipping in the US! I signed up because for two sheets, valued at $16, I’m only paying $10 and get 2 new sheets of decals monthly automatically. They arrive in this sturdy flat envelope that is very hard to bend, and protects the decals very well.


I was beyond thrilled that they saw and read my blog post on these wonderful water decals! They sent me a hand written note, just like they did with my first order, and included another mini sheet of decals as a bonus thank you! I really appreciate it and can’t wait to create some fun and creative mani’s!


The actual decals, on top of having their own packaging, also come inside this cellophane envelope to further protect them. I really love how they protect these wraps until they’re in my hands!


The incuded insert close up.


Revealing this month’s wraps “Prepster” and “Citrus Fresh”, they’re adorable!! Prepster includes multi-sizes of an anchor, sailboat, chevron 3-stripe “V”, and a whale with a water spout coming out! Citrus Fresh incudes multi-sizes of a 4-piece lemon and lime bunch, colorful striping pattern, lemon/lime fusion, and citrus fruit duo. These are very colorful and perfect for summer. They suggest pairing it with a pale yellow polish. I’m thinking of using some of the decals and breaking up the citrus duo maybe, we shall see!




As usual the back of the package has application instructions and on their website and social media platforms there are fans’ videos on how they apply theirs.


I’m really excited about my first official monthly decals with the club and look forward to future water decals from them. They’ve revealed sneak peeks of nxt month’s decals which are these. Photo is from their website at I’d love to hear if you sign up with them after reading about them here! 🙂



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