Kayla’s Creative Cuticles A Great Red Mani

My hubby wanted to do my pedi and I picked Kayla’s Creative Cuticles, A Great Red and loved it so much I did a matching mani!! It’s $8.75 in her shop currently, and her bottle/label are adorable! I purchased it during one of her 50% off sales making it quite the steal!



She included her business card with an attached insert about her polish, and encourages you to share your swatches with her!



My hubby’s surgery has been healing well and he was up to doing my pedi, and here are the results! I think he paints my toesies better than I do myself! I tried painting the second coat while he took the dog out, and got it all over some of the toes lol.



The matching mani, as promised!


It applied beautifully. The formula was perfect, not too thick or thin. There were no streaks, even with it being a sheer jelly, and I could have stopped at 1 coat but prefer 2 coats for a true red as in the bottle. It’s such a gorgeous red jelly and the glitter is scattered just right. I let my bottle sit upside down for a few minutes prior to applying. It reminds me of the poisoned apple in Snow White! It is my favorite red polish and my newest treasure! I highly recommend checking out her shop at Storenvy.

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