Nailed Kit Unicorn Decals

I recently signed up for the Nailed Kit subscription for $10 a month, that includes 2 sets of water nail decals. I’m new to water decals but found it to be very easy and I prefer them over regular nail decals, because they’re much thinner and require less top coat! Their nail decals sell for $8 each, and all come with free US shipping! 🙂 Which was why I ordered unicorn decals since my first sets come in June. They arrived in this nice envelope!


They even sent me a personal written note, which made me feel valued as a customer!



Here are the Unicorn Decals and their cute packaging!



Here are the decals they sent as a thank you gift for my subscription signup and order!


I have several new unused polishes and decided to use this lovely vibrant grape hue as a mani base for my decals.


I went with the bees for this one! For application, you cut out the decal. Then apply a wet cotton ball to the back paper part, until the decal slides off. Grab the decal and place onto nail where you want it to go, then slightly press down to release any bubbles. Finally, apply top coat!


I found that cutting as close to the image as possible works best because technically the whole sheet is one decal. So cutting too big of a space around the decal image will result in a huge clear background decal and the image in the middle. I hope that makes sense! I had no difficulty applying, and only needed one top coat which was nice. With most nail decals I need at least two top coats to prevent them from peeling off. I love these decals and can’t wait until my subscription starts!



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