Love With Food May 2014 Deluxe Derby Days Box

I always look forward to what delicious treats are included in the Love With Food Box!


Inserts and first look.



I love tea! Included are Honeybush Caramel, Southern Mint, and Tropical Green Teas by Revolution Tea. Description: “Enjoy iced tea in the Millionaire’s Row or on your own front porch with these flavorful full-leaf teas, made with select herbs, real fruit pieces, essential oils and all natural flavors.” I’ve tried the honeybush caramel and it’s very similar to one Teavana offers, and tasted great on it’s own!


Tarallino Snack with Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Terre Di Puglia, I couldn’t find a website but they sell this on Amazon. These were like a toasted breadstick snack, with a subtle sourdough-like taste. They were a good treat, but slightly plain alone. Maybe crumbled on a salad, or dipped with a little marinara or ranch would be a nice addition. Description: “The Kentucky Derby was first raced in 1875, but traditional Italian Tarelli has been around much longer – just six simple ingredients add up to a snack that’s a great pairing with any beverage.”


Tropical Peach Drink Mix by Flavrz Organic. I’ve tried this from another box and enjoyed it, it’s not too sweet and a subtle flavor addition to my daily water. Description: “Speaking of beverages, add a southern flair to your daily water intake with this peach water enhancer – it’s organic, it’s non-GMO, and it will change your outlook on hydration.”


Sea Salt Caramels by Le Caramel. These were my favorite, and most likely treat I will buy. The sweet and salty combination was perfect! Description: “Whoa! Let these caramels slowly melt in your mouth to best savor the perfect combination of caramel and salt.”


Key Lime Cookies by J&M. My husband and I weren’t a fan of these.


Giddy Up & Go Granola. This looks like it will make a great cereal with some almond milk! Description: “Start your day on the right hoof with this gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan granola …and you’re off!”


Hickory Smoked Sea Salt by The Spice Lab. Description: “A true taste of the south, this salt has been smoked over premium hickory hard wood to add instant smoky BBQ flavor to any dish or snack.” I plan to use these salts over popcorn to give them a unique flair!


Italian Black Truffle Salt by The Spice Lab. I also plan to try this on popcorn! Description: “Derby Divas are known for their classy hats, now you can class up your snacks with the singularly delicious taste of prized black truffles.”


Praline Pecans by South Georgia Pecan Company. I love pecan pralines so I’m really excited to try this also. I might try it over some fresh frozen yogurt! Description: “The Kentucky Derby is known as ‘the fastest two minutes in sports’ – but we bet that this bag of all-natural candied pecans will disappear much, much faster.”


Malabar Black Pepper Pork Clouds by Bacon’s Heir. These were a simple and tasty, healthier version of my much missed pork rind snacks. Description: “The pork rind has been reinvented, just take one look at the nutrition label, and say hello to your new favorite, healthy, protein packed, 100-calorie snack.”


This was a great box as always! I’m especially enjoying the caramel candies!



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