Eco Emi May 2014 Vintage Theme

I love vintage themes and products so when I opened up my Eco Emi box to see this lovely vintage themed insert I was thrilled!


First look. The lace drawstring bag is gorgeous!!


Starting off with Chill Pill Essential Oil by Aura Cacia, $10.99/.5 oz. Featuring lavender and roman chamomile. I’m allergic to lavender so I will save this for someone special. Description: “Have a stressful commute? Add several drops of this therapeutic oil to a car diffuser or tissue and soak in the aroma of the orange, peppermint, and basil. Try placing several drops in a personal or room diffuser at night to help soothe and comfort while you sleep.”


Wild Watermelon Sugar-Free Gum by Glee Gum, $1.09/1 pack. Description: “Enjoy the sweet taste of summer anytime! Sugar-Free Wild Watermelon Glee Gum is a fun, new flavor of natural chewing gum. Glee contains no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.”


Sundried Italian or Southwestern Chili Party Dip by Ellbee’s, $5/2 oz. Description: “Each 2 oz. package of fresh ingredients makes 16 oz. of tasty dip. Try the sun-dried Italian mix as a chip or veggie dip; it tastes great on top of baked potatoes too! The Southwestern Chili combines Chipotle peppers, garlic, and cilantro to give it a bit of a kick. Mix into a homemade cheese ball and you have a great appetizer for any party!”


Nail Polish by Suncoat $8.99/1 bottle. I received a lovely shimmer cocoa brown. So far I’m most excited about this! 🙂 Description: “This eco-friendly nail polish is water based, so it won’t dry or discolor your nails. When it is applied, water vapor is released into the air, versus overbearing chemical fumes. Be sure to clean your nails with soap and water before each use!”


Energize, Sweet Dreams, and Cycle Ease tea by Anna Natural, $11.99/26 bags. Description: “A tea for every mood! Sometimes you need a bost; sometimes you need to relax, and sometimes you need relief from discomfort like menstrual cramps. Well this 3 pack of all natural teas have you covered! Just choose the desired tea, steep in 6 to 8 ounces of water, and enjoy!” I love tea so I truly appreciate this!


Strawberries & Cream Facial Mask by Body Brana, $10.50/2 oz. jar. Description: “A little goes a long way wih this gentle and luxurious mask; each jar can make 5 to 66 applications. Mix one teaspoon of powder with a desired liquid into your palm and rub into a spreadable paste. Thinly apply it to your face. Let it rest for 10-30 minutes and rinse with warm water.” I’m looking forward to trying this on my face and as a hand mask since my hands are dry right now!


Berry Sugar Body Scrub by Beazers Garden, $4.00/2 oz. or $18.00/11 oz. Description: “Impurities are easily buffed away with this natural and edible scrub, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and more radiant. Infused with essential oils, it gives you a high quality spa experience with each use. Your skin will not only appear healthy, it will actually be healthier. Gently massage onto moist skin for 45 seconds before rinsing.” Sadly this has lavender also so I can’t try this out.


Overall this was an amazing box, minus the two lavender products I wish I could try! I am very excited to try the Suncoat polish and love that it doesn’t stink like regular polish and doesn’t irritate my throat! The total estimated value of this box is $35.33 which is pretty stellar for it only costing $15!


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