My Cotton Bunny The Essence Bundle May 2014

My Cotton Bunny chose The Essence Bundle theme for this month to “Indluge in the engery of springtime.” Since I was recently at the Lauritzen Gardens, I’ve got spring flowers on the mind!


First look.


The insert.


Starting with the gifts, a Sterling Silver Bracelet “beautiful to wear on its own or add an accent charm” and Charms “assorted bead charms for your bracelet or for cerating your own DIY jewelry projects”. I love the charms! The bracelet is too loose on my tiny wrist but I could always put a charm on a necklace chain or try this as an anklet!

I had fun playing with some bracelet designs, here is one I tried out.


The treats start with Righteously Raw Bite-Size Chocolates – Synergy Spice. “This Earth Source Organics‘ gluten and allergy-free treat is created with the darkest, most antioxidant-rich cacao. P.S. It is spicy!” Since I have GERD I can’t have this so I’m saving it for my hubby. I also received these bite sized dark chocolates that weren’t on the insert. They were very tasty and the perfect dark chocolate snack.


Tea by Galleon. It looks like they sent iced tea this time, which is perfect since it was recently in the high 90’s here!



Exttra goodies include an LA Fresh Makeup Remover Wipe and Always Radiant Wipes-to-go.


The bonus gift is extra bead charms, which explains why I received so many! I loved this box and can’t wait to have fun with all the adorable beads and lovely sterling bracelet!



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