The Ladybug Spill-proof Nail Polish Holder Prize and Mani

I won and received my Ladybug Nail Polish Holder that is spill-proof! How many times have I sat uncomfortably in bed, sitting with a half empty polish bottle (usually top coat) between my knees trying not to spill? I can’t count because there are too many times I’ve done that, and to top it off I have several pajama pants with nail polish stains in them because of this! So I was pretty excited to win and try this baby out! You can check out their Facebook page here.


Of course I opened it up and had an excuse to do my mani!


The bottom has a middle that “rocks” and “wobbles” but doesn’t spill the polish at all, it’s amazing! It also has the sides of this to stand on and hold almost-empty bottles.



I decided on a textured french mani using China Glaze Wish Upon A Seastar, that I’m in love with right now!


Notice how my top coat is half empty? Perfect time to try the Ladybug out right?!



The triangle foam opening claims to fit all nail polish bottle sizes, and it looks like it will even fit mini’s if I needed it to. It fits this polish snug and was a dream doing my mani with!



Now for the finished mani! I highly suggest this if you have tons of half empty nail polish bottles (who doesn’t?).



If you’re interested in trying one for yourself, they have a offer on their page for one Ladybug, two toe separators, and one Nail Ladybug file for $14.95 plus shipping and handling. I took a screenshot of the offer and you can shop at this link!



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