Recent Mani’s!

I recently decided to take a really good friend’s advice (from AGO, also my favorite Indie polish brand!!) to get acrylic and hard gel over my natural nails because they’re so weak on their own right now. I think it’s a combination of my health and the cold weather. It snowed this month and I loved it, I’m not ready for summer lol. I love the way they look and they feel so much better!



Here’s a mani I did, I’ve been having fun with my nails. It was a gift from my hubby because he knows how much I love to paint them frequently. With the hard gel on top, acetone doesn’t damage my real nails or the gel on top! I used China Glaze Wish On A Seastar, and I Love Nail Polish Cutie Pop.



The next day I painted them again lol. I used OPI Liquid Sand It’s Frosty Outside and Glitter Guilty Barbie Beach for another textured mani. Can you tell I’m on a texture kick!



My husband painted my toenails for the first time and it was also my first time having someone (other than myself or a nail tech) paint them too. So this was pretty darn exciting for me, and I felt super special! I chose Night of the Hunter by Cameo Colour Lacquers and it really is gorgeous!


For my second pedi (he actually enjoyed doing my pedi!!), he chose a blue glitter from Glitter Guilty, with one of my AGO glitter toppers and I love it! He’s got amazing polish color combination picking skills!


Thanks for reading as always! I’d love to hear what sweet things your husband or significant other does for you? Or maybe even a bestie? ❤️


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