Jamberry Wraps Pedi

I recently posted about my Jamberry Wrap samples I received from Kim Lambert and tried out, well I created a pedi with them! Remember this sheet of pretty pink wraps? Yes that’s Bubba in the background 😃. As a refresher, this particular Wrap set isn’t available. It was a February hostess gift, and I loooove it!! Thank you Kim for sending these to me!


My husband is having surgery soon so bending, walking and moving will be difficult for a few weeks. Those who follow my blog know he’s been on a roll doing my pedi’s, which I love and appreciate him for because I don’t enjoy doing my own pedi’s! It’s uncomfortable sitting with my leg crouched up for long periods of time so I’m so grateful he enjoys doing them! Which brings me to the reason I’m doing a Jamberry pedi, so my hubby can recover while playing video games LOL.

I’ve got my floor space set up, ironically, while he’s playing video games!


He was kind enough to remove my polish for me since I have my freshly painted mani for the weekend! I had fun with my new Hello Kitty stamping plate from my good friend S!



Applying my Jamberry pedi, took me about 1.5-2 hours but hopefully it lasts for a month! Supposedly it lasts on toenails up to 6 weeks on toes, and 2 weeks on finger nails. I’m going to see how long they last, and will try my best to report weekly how they hold up! I love the results! I’m also wearing Bec’s Beach Feet! As always, thank you so much for reading/following my blog! It means the world to me!




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