Jamberry Nail Wraps Sample and Mani!

I got to try out Jamberry Nail Wraps for the first time, through an online party I joined. I was sent a black and white chevron single wrap sample, as well as the rep’s remaining pink nail wraps. The party I was invited to was hosted by a fellow nail enthusiast and it’s my first time trying out the brand. I have tried other nail wraps out before and was not impressed with how quickly they peel and lift.


What are Jamberry Nail Wraps? Kim Lambert gave me permission to use her photos from her and her website. 🙂 These are actually vinyl, so they don’t dry out once opened like most wraps. On top of that, it adheres to the nail with heat to ensure a good bond. Removal process can be a bit scary since you do have to “peel it off” either with heat and peeling, or the gentle removal process: soaking in nail polish remover or oil (the gentlest option) and gradually peeling/soaking intermittently. There are tons of styles to choose from, each wrap sheet runs $15, or buy 3 get 1 free, and are good for more than one mani.


She had some exclusive February Hostess Exclusive wraps that she didn’t like or use, and I had commented on how much I loved them so she sent me her remaining ones, which was pretty awesome! The representative who sent me the samples is Kim Lambert and you can shop her website here.

They’re pretty aren’t they?


Finally here is my mani I painted, using the chevron sample!


Since I had an existing mani whem my samples came, I had painted over it and made a jelly red mani. Plus I had a peel off base coat underneath which made removal super easy!


Application was a breeze, I used a blowdryer on high heat and low air. As soon as you hold the wrap against the heat it start to bend and become flexible, from there you can slightly stretch and fit it onto your nail. I used a wooden cuticle stick to smooth out the surface and any bumps or bubbles, after I was done I went over it with heat to smooth it out and it looked shiny already on it’s own. For any parts that seemed like they would lift, I applied a bit of quick drying top coat to it and had an instant mani!

I also loved a ton of the Jamberry Junior wraps because they come with two designs. You just don’t get as many mani’s out of it. Kim shared a photo she had of someone’s mani using Jamberry Junior wraps!


Have you tried Jamberry wraps before, and what was your experience if so?

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