My Cotton Bunny The Spa Bundle April 2014

My Cotton Bunny chose The Spa Bundle as their April 2014 theme again! The insert had the wrong information under Treats which was very confusing so I emailed them, and they sent me the correct information via email and apologized about the mixup. They seemed very upset about it too. Plus they took a note of my allergy to lavender for future bundles! You’ll see why soon…


First look.


The first gift is a Natural Loofah Sponge. Description: “Hand-sized. Natural exfoliant made from the fibrous interior of the loofah plant. First time use, dip in warm water for about 20 minutes. Use with favorite soap. Stimulates blood circulation and leaves skin smooth.” I’ve never used a loofah like this so I’m excited, especially with summer coming up.


It’s companion gift is a Loofah Soap Bar from Super Body Care. Description: “Feel clean and invigorated with peppermint, and plant oils of Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Bergamot.” Lavender…always in spa products! Sadly I can’t use this but will gift it to someone who could use a spa day.


To start me off with the treats is this bag of Bart and Judy’s Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies. Description: “All-natural, real creamery butter, fresh eggs, imported chocolate (50% dark) and Madagascar vanilla! (10 secondss in the microwave for fresh-baked cookie experience).” I love the microwave suggestion and can’t wait to try this for a comforting snack.


Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate. Description: Rich-dark chocolate. Vegan. Soy and gluten-free.” These are delicious and the perfect bite sized snack.


True Lemon – Raspberry Lemonade Packet that you add to a water bottle. Description: “Refreshing. Natural Ingredients.” Sounds tasty.


The bonus item was this lotion from Super Body Care. This item also has lavender in it, and I can’t use it sadly.


Not a bad box, the card mixup and all the lavender products was a bummer since I can’t use any of them. There were also these samples, a feminine hygine wipe and a makeup remover wipe from LaFresh.



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