Ellagee Prize and Order!

I won a full sized bottle of my choice from Ellagee’s shop and was thrilled because it was the first time I won a polish that I got to pick out myself! It took me some time but I finally decided on Rainbow Syrup because it looks incredibly holographic and I can turn any polish into a holo! This is $10.50.


Look at everything waiting to be opened!


There were a lot of bags in this bundle because I placed a order to go out with my prize too. I couldn’t help myself, she has way too many polishes in her shop that I want! In the first bag was my prize lol and she also threw in candy and one of her new custom nail files! I’m not sure if it’s glass or crystal but it’s gorgeous! I didn’t see the file in the shop yet.


Next is some gold and silver holo Mickey glitters, stainless steel mixing balls (because I bought some empty nail polish bottles), more candy and a business card. πŸ˜ƒ The Mickey glitters are $1.50 each. She really did wrap everything so beautifully, and made me feel incredibly spoiled and special!


Next is a mini for me to review, Whimsy. It’s a “pink crelly base with multiple sizes and shapes of soft white glitter, plus wittle white bunny tails and bitty pink bunny noses.” Now that I know the cute pink bows are bunny noses I have a cute mental picture! This is perfect for spring and I can’t wait to swatch it!! This is part of her Happy Spring collection. This is $9.50.




Ruby Glass is a lovely transparent red jelly polish so you can create a glitter jelly sandwich and it’s part of her Stained Glass collection! This is $8.75.


Next up is Hear Me Roar inspired by the song, yes. πŸ˜ƒ A sexy hot pink linear holo, that almost looks light red in the bottle. This is $10.50.




It’s a Gas Gas Gas! This is $9.75 and is a “medium fuchsia with ultrafine holographic shimmer and teeny gold holo glitter.”


$1 full size, .75 for a mini nail polish bottle. I got 5 each.


Here is a mani using Ruby Glass, Hear Me Roar, and Rainbow Syrup over the thumb and Ruby Glass! πŸ˜ƒ With a gold holo accent Mickey glitter! With Ruby Glass, I applied three thin coats so you couldn’t see any uneven brush strokes. It dries amazingly quick and the result is something I might be tempted to wear everyday!


I also created a french mani using Whimsy as the base on my ring finger and love how it gives a feminine feel to it! I could have gotten away with one coat but I chose to do two! I gave the bottle a good shake and used the fishing method to get the bow glitters out that are supposed to be bunny noses! Such a cute way to look at them, and if you look carefully you’ll see it too!


Thanks for viewing!



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