Bec’s Beach Feet Custom Set and Prize Credit Claim!

I had won a $10 or $15 credit to Bec’s Beach Feet for sharing her photos of her pretty creations on my Facebook page. Her Facebook page often has giveaways like this and it’s an awesome way to win a credit towards some cute beach feet jewelry of your own! She also does custom sets which is what I chose! They are approximately $30 a set, depending on which materials are used.


I wanted a pink and red theme that was also island inspired, and was happy with the outcome. She was wonderfully easy to work with and enjoyable, which isn’t so common nowadays! She also packaged everything adorably as if I had ordered from a boutique!


Here it is, I tried it on for my hubby and he loved it!


Be sure to check out her shop and all the goodies she has available! They come in sizes as well so they fit, and the material she uses has a slight stretch to it so you don’t have to worry about it being too snug!


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