A Girl Obsessed MTV Movie Awards 24 Kernel Gold Exclusive Offer!!

A Girl Obsessed had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gifts!! She created the gorgeous glitter topper called 24 Kernel Gold inspired by the popcorn bucket award. Here it is in all it’s beauty!!


This is available for purchase for a limited time, April 1, 2014-April 8, 2014! Wear what the stars are wearing!! Her shop is currently closed, so if you’re interested, email her at smnthjoo11@aol.com, a mini is $5.50 and full size $10 with $3 shipping for the first item and .50 for each additional item. So why not get that other polish you’ve been eyeing in her shop?? Like her Magpie Shine Topcoat $7, Matte-ict top coat $7, or her amazingly addicting Sweet Nectar cuticle oil $6! I love all her stuff, obviously! Help show your support to my favorite indie polish maker Samantha!



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