Eco Emi March 2014 Slumber Party

The Eco Emi March Theme is Girls Just Want To Have Fun! I like their stickers!

First peek.


This is a cute sample of Red Popcorn by Kitts Kernel $6.25/1.5 lb bag. Description: “This flavorful popcorn is a great choice for movie night! Each kernel is non-GMO and grown naturally, enhancing the corn flavor.” We are actually going to watch Gravity On Demand, I’ve seen it but am looking forward to watching it again and snacking on this popcorn!

2N1 Lip Therapy and Cuticle Treatment by The Lano Company, $5. Description: “Infused with jojoba, coconut, and sweet almond oils, this applicator helps alleviate dry and chapped skin by replenishing moisture. It is in a great travel sized tube making it convenient to use on the go, great for overnight relief as well.” This is very emollient and works okay as a cuticle treatment.
It even came in this cute pink paper bag.


Shea Butter by Karitex, $10/200 gram pouch. Description: “Organic and 100% raw, this Shea Butter is a must! It naturally contains vitamin A, which aids in restoring a number of skin conditions. Perfect for treatment of minor cuts or scrapes. Shea Butter accelerates the healing process.” I will use this in my next batch of homemade organic lip balms!! 😃 Love it lol and it’s very affordable from their shop!


Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes by La Fresh, $9.99/Pouch. Description: “Say good-bye to oily makeup removers, and say hello to a clean, fresh face with La Fresh eco-beauty makeup remover. Use this to effortlessly and instantly remove waterproof makeup while soaking your skin with the lavender aromatherapy.” Well, it’s a shame it has lavender, I’ll gift this to my mom.


Eco-Beauty Nail Polish Remover Pads by La Fresh, $5.99/10 count box. Description: “No need to use harsh, pungent, drying, conventional polish removers; these pads are acetone-free, have an incredibly delicious orange scent and won’t dry out the skin. One pad cleans and conditions all ten nails.” This is cute!


Dawn Lip Gloss by Purely You Minerals, $8/1 tube. Description: “Drench your lips in moisture and kiss them with color! If you want to go for a more natural look, Dawn is the perfect shade for you. This vegan lip gloss contains all natural vitamins, oils, and minerals.” This is a very nice everyday shade and is more like a tinted lip balm than lip gloss.


Almond Bar by Kuli Kuli, $2.89/bar or $32.99/pack of 12. Description: “Sourced from West Africa, this sweet and salty snack bar is filled with a nutritious and medicinal plant called Moringa, making it gluten-free and vegan. Made with simple and understandable ingredients, this bar provides the protein, iron, and calcium you need throughout the day.”


This was a great box, as usual, and I’m more than thrilled that I can use and try each item! Except the lavender makeup remover wipe. 😃


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