Ellagee Sparkly Textured Polish Haul!!

I’m so excited about my Ellagee order, and recovering from the stomach flu. I’m starting to feel better, and I’m finally able to swatch in my comfy chair and blanket! Here was my full order from her! I was also one of the lucky ones who got a mini cuticle oil sample in Orange Blossom and Floral Bouquet! I personally love the orange blossom!


The full sized polishes, in all their sparkling beauty! These are all from her Bejeweled collection and described as “Blindingly Sparkly Texture Polishes” yep, she described it perfectly! They sell for $10 each, and she also has a helpful and well explained information for interested bloggers.

Stunning. Just stunning. 😃


My adorable mini’s!


I used Crushed Crystals, Embers, and Black Hills Gold for this mani.

*Update* I forgot to add the macros! In order, Black Hills Gold, Crushed Crystals, and Embers!




Promises and Glints of Gold on the accent! I love the texture and amazing sparkle these polishes have! I think they all might be my favorite lol.

Now that I have a macro camera lens I’ve been playing with, check this gorgeous sparkly perfection up close!




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