Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil 5 Day Challenge Results!

I am still repairing my nails and did a Bliss Kiss 5 day hydration challenge and here are the photo heavy results in order!!





It moisturized my cuticles intensely and adds strength to my nails. I have been having problems with my middle nail on my left hand, which did break but I did pick at it. :/ oops lol. I love this oil though and apply it twice daily, per instructions, even when polish is on to keep my nails and cuticles strong and growing healthy!

Here is one of my many Bliss Kiss pure nail oil pens, it has a click twist style that is also conveniently refillable! I also have a 4 oz bottle of the oil for refills.


Here are a few of my stash from her awesome shop!


Be sure to show her store some love! Her ridge filling base coat and quick dry top coat work wonderfully too! 😃



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