My Cotton Bunny March 2013 The Fit Bundle

My Cotton Bunny mail time!!


First peek.


Starting with the necessity which is different this month. I had opted for my panty liners to start shipping effective last month but they somehow missed it and made it effective this month! So every other month I will get U by Kotex liners, and for the opposite months my Tampax Pearls.


The first gift is a trio set of colorful Yoga Bands! I love these headbands, they’re super stretchy and comfortable and I wore it right out of the box…so it’s comfy!! Description “Breathable, sweat-wicking fabric helps keep you feeling cool, ideal for yoga or running.” There are no tags or anything saying where these are from. You receive 3, I received pink, purple, and navy.


Second gift – Hair Ties, in pink and black with a suede bow and gold star charm!

..but sadly the charms are not very durable, shortly after taking it out of the box and photographing it, the star broke off the attached round attachment. 😔


On to the treats! Dark Chocolate Mint Delights. Description “Enjoy an all-natural and gluten-free vegan treat. These dark chocolate morsels are absolute paradise.” This is cute! It’s raw, with fruits and nuts in it and sounds like a unique experience!


Luna Protein Bar in Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor, hopefully it tastes like a Reeses! Description “Fuel up before your workout with a Luna Bar, formulated for women’s nutritional needs.”


Bonus – “For completing last month’s special message, receive an extra infinity bracelet to share.”


This was an awesome bundle!! I love everything. 😃


Bubba agrees 😉



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