Lippy Girl Promotion

Bubba’s ready to see what is being shared. 🙂


I discovered Lippy Girl online and decided to try a lipstick from them, since it’s handmade from natural ingredients and I’d read good reviews online. I ordered myself a red lipstick that can be worn daily if I wanted to! Boss Lady, it’s a nice brick red that is matte, and does not dry out lips like most lipsticks do. It costs CAD $23.00 and shipping is calculated at checkout.


Here is a breakdown of my checkout details.


What gave me the final push to try this brand out, after discovering it’s in another country, was the promotion they have going on.


I cashed in on promo code LGMINI to receive a free small clutch and Extra Virgin Lip Gloss with the purchase of a Vegocentric Lipstick.


Have any of you tried out this brand and recommend another shade that you love and can’t live without? 😃 I’d love to hear from you!



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