Love With Food February 2014 Deluxe Box

Love With Food chose “A Kiss To Build A Dream On” for their February theme. “A kiss of chocolate, a kiss of honey, a kiss of salt – we dream in snacks, and our February box will have you doing the same. While sharing this month’s goodies with your loved ones, remember that you also donated a meal to a child in need.”


First look. Isn’t the romantic insert adorable? I’m going to hang it on the wall, framed. 😃


The insert product list.


Snack Olives by Mario Camacho. “All the flavor without the brine – olives go mobile with these gluten-free snack packs.” After tasting and disliking the last batch of these I was too afraid to try these so I offered them to my parents with warning lol.


Dark Chocolate Crepe Dentelle by Gavottes. “Super fine layers of crispy crepe coated in French dark chocolate, these airy delights have been made in the same method since 1920. These are truly a delightfully airy with a wafer-like crisp, we all loved these!

These are so good!


Restaurant Style White Bean Chip by Beanitos. “Lightly salted, gluten-free, non-GMO chips made with navy beans and whole grain rice are loaded with health benefits such as fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.” I hope these are good! So far I’ve enjoyed the one or two Beanitos chips I’ve tried so far.


Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries by Emily’s Chocolate. “Indulge your sweet tooth with antioxidant packed whole dried blueberries covered in dreamy dark chocolate.” These are incredibly delicious!


Honey Graham Sticks by Back to Nature. “This classic childhood treat gets a makeover with simple ingredients, free from artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.” These are puffy sticks that have a light golden baked taste to them, much better than the normal graham cracker.




PureNotes Dark “Chocolatey” by TCHO. “Add a touch of decadence to your day with this rich, intense, pure dark chocolate.” These truly are a treat!


“Mokaccino” SeriousMilk Chocolate + Blue Bottle Coffee by TCHOTCHO. “When a cult chocolate maker uses beans from a cult coffee roaster, the award-winning result is the perfect pick-me up for any time of day.” These are heavenly, I love coffee flavored treats.


Chocolate Chip Biscotti by Biscotti di Suzy. “Handmade with pure, natural ingredients, twice baked for just the right amount of crunch, and sprinkled with chocolate chips to satisfy that chocolate craving.” I enjoyed this with tea and it is the perfect snack with tea!


Black Truffle + White Cheddar Popcorn by 479 Degree Popcorn. “Non-GMO cheddar popcorn dresses up for date night with a drizzle of savory black truffle oil.” This was an amazing find, I truly enjoyed eating this during a movie instead of regular popcorn! It’s a brilliant combination.


Chocolate Truffles by Guylian. “One for you, one for your sweetheart – share the love with seahorse shaped truffles from the world-famous Belgian chocolatier.” I’ve sampled these in another box, and was excited to have it again. It is a very creamy truffle peanut-buttery filling with a soft chocolate shell.


They also included this cute, heart shaped Love With Food chip clip!


As well as a coupon for a free meal. It looks like an adult healthier version of Lunchables. I can’t wait to try it!


This was a superb box and I especially loved all the sweet treats in this box!



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