Glitter Guilty February 2014 Box

I always get excited at the beginning of the month because I know that’s when my Glitter Guilty monthly box has been mailed out! Here’s first look at it all!


I grabbed the chocolates out first. 😃 hehe It consisted of a Kara Chocolates Mint Truffle, Godiva Chocolate Lava Cake Truffle, and a Chuao Orange-a-go-go mini chocolate bar. They were all delicious and yes I ate them all the same day the box arrived lol.


She actually wrote me a thank you note on the back of one of the cards for all my photos I post to her Facebook page!

😃 I love her polishes, and my subscription so it was a nice surprise to get a handwritten note from Jessica. She was incredibly kind and generous, sending me Barbie Beach as a thank you!!

Isn’t it breathtaking? It’s made up of a ton of carnation pink micro glitter. I actually like the subtle texture feel it leaves after a few coats, and leave it as is without a top coat. It took about 4 coats for it to be opaque, or you can wear it with 1-2 coats for a sprinkle of pink!


The monthly mini is called Cupid’s Bow and is a adorable pink glitter topper, consisting of a sheer tinted hot pink base with white multi-sized round and square shapes, pink micro bars, pink holo small round and square glitters with scattered dustings of it also in micro dots! 🙂 It’s incredibly pretty.



The polish I received this month in full size for my custom is Double Agent. It is a sheer dark greyish purple duo that shifts to a pearly pink in light, and is opaque with 3 thin coats. It has a lovely sparkle that you can see with flash in the second photo below.



I had fun trying them out over my existing mani lol.


Thank you for reading, and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss my other posts! 😃


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