My Cotton Bunny February 2014 I (heart) Bundle

My Cotton Bunny’s theme on their insert reads “I (heart) Bundle. Caring for others starts with taking care of yourself.” Nice theme with Valentine’s Day this month.


First look.


There were two gifts, starting with the Heart Pendant. I wish they provided websites on the inserts to give credit to who made the necklace, it’s lovely! “Sparkle this month with your crystal heart necklace. Great accessory for daytime or evening.”


The second gift is this layered wrap style, Infinity Hearts Bracelet, it’s gorgeous! “Show off your style with this woven leather and rope bracelet accented with charms.”


On to the treats, revealing 1 of 3. Tea by Galleon, “For everyone who (heart’s) tea, Galleon quality tea is must have for a relaxing evening. Go to to find more amazing blends and brewing tips.” The flavor is Tart Berries, I’m not usually a tart or sour tea person but I’ll try it.


Nutella Spread, everywhere I go I see Nutella or hear about how people are addicted to it lol. This is a cute individual portion sized sample. “Take a break from your busy day and enjoy a blend of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. Great on its own or with your wheat crackers.”


Which leads us to the Back To Nature Crispy Wheat Crackers. “Flavorful, crisp wheat crackers with a touch of sea salt.” These tasted like healthy wheat thins, and paired deliciously with the Nutella.


The bonus is a tealight candle. “For completing last month’s challenge you will receive a uniquely-scented Gold Canyon tealight candle. If you love it as much as we do and want to order more, please visit and contact Michelle Scuracchio with any questions.”


Of course, the main reason for the subscription.


This was a great box, as always, and I am already wearing my necklace!



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