Secret Cupid Nail Mail

I had fun shopping for my Secret Cupid in a nail group I’m a part of. We’ve all been getting close and talking pretty much everyday, so it’s been fun doing these nail swaps for the holidays and the opportunity to spoil someone and get a surprise gift too! This was what I received and it was all very special and awesome!!


She made these stickers for me!! She has her own shop that I highly suggest you check out Vinyl Stickers by Sam at Etsy.

I apologize the darn hyperlink tool isn’t working to link websites still in the app for WordPress. Waiting for them to fix this in the wordpress app.

I loved all the polish, especially the You Polish Do Not Open Until 12/25/13. A gorgeous pink and white glitter bomb consisting of white & pink holo bows, white & pink holo glitters.


I am going to share the M&M’s and mini peanut butter cups with my hubby and mail them with his valentines package I’m working on.


I even played with the Zoya Kendal, Finger Paints Watermelon Watercolor, and the beautiful glitter.




Here is another mani I did with the Morgan Taylor Perfect Match and You Polish’s Do Not Open Until 12/25/13.


This was a great gift and very special since my hubby and I are apart. 😃 Be sure to check out her shop, her nail decals are very affordable running about $5 for a sheet of 50.


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