You Polish Group Custom Duo & Teal Botch

You Polish has a private group called You Polish – Unbottle Your Personality link here, and even though it’s a closed group you can be invited in or request an invite from someone in the group. Please leave me a comment and your Facebook user name if you are interested in joining! Back on track though, Lauren Walker (owner) made a custom duo for the group that we all worked on and decided on together. The original we loved was Teal-epathy, a gorgeous teal holo. However Lauren wasn’t happy with the outcome as they stained nails and we’re not at the right consistency. These were given as a option to buy but she later refunded the discounted $5 and included them anyways. The group duo ended up being My Love Is An Ocean and Mind Melt. Pictured below with Teal-epathy in the middle.


I played with them. My Love Is An Ocean is a stunning ocean blue holo, and Mind Meld has mini star holo glitters, and holo & pink holo glitters!



I also enjoyed some homemade strawberry cupcakes and strawberry frosting that my mom felt like baking!


I wish I could share!



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