Radiant Orchid Make Up, Nails, & No-Curling-Iron Mermaid Curly Hair Tutorial!

Hi there! I wanted to share a beauty tutorial post I wrote for the Moody Sisters blog and wanted to share it with you all as well! 😃 It’s a Orchid Make Up, Matching Nails, No-Curling-Iron Curly Mermaid Hair Tutorial!

Whether you have a ladies date night, cozy night in, or hot night out, I’ve got an easy tutorial to keep you looking your best! Using the new color of the year, radiant orchid on eyes and nails! I’ll start off with the hair part first. 🙂 You’ll do your hair the night before your special date night, to get that out of the way before-hand!. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have the patience, or time, for a curling iron or blow dryer! I believe in letting my hair dry naturally, why waste the time when I have other things to do?


Brush damp hair gently, then braid your towel dried hair, into a French braid. If you don’t shower in the evenings or have time to, you can use a spray bottle to dampen hair and braid! I’m able to do this with dry hair, but not everyone’s hair is the same. However, I encourage you to try it on dry hair to experiment before-hand to find which works best!

Wear this braid overnight and sleep with it. When you wake in the morning you can undo your hair, OR undo the braid after your make up (usually my preference!). Either way, after you finally take it out, do not brush your hair! It will most likely poof up if you do. If you have any natural oils at home, (suggestions below) applying a small amount to your ends helps to keep things healthy and lustrous without weighing down hair.


If you need to detangle, use your hands and fingers to avoid frizz. The following oils, I’ve found, work wonderfully:
-Josie Maran’s Argan oil – http://www.josiemarancosmetics.com
-Extra virgin organic coconut oil by Nutiva – http://nutiva.com/products/coconut-oil-organic-benefits-nutiva/ – They’re Eco friendly and organic too! A fashion hair clip completes the hair!


Psst! A great tip for baby hairs and stubborn flyways – melt a tiny amount of coconut oil in your hands and apply to difficult hair! Remember less is more with this oil, you don’t want to create weighed down oily hair out of those freshly cleaned locks!

Instead of powder blush, during these colder months, try a cream blush that will not only add a natural flush, but add moisture to your skin!


The goal is to accentuate your natural beauty and create a beautiful romantic look, that appears effortlessly put together! All while being easy to do. Start with the brows and apply brow gel. I’m currently using Benefit’s brow gel in medium/dark brown, but use the product you are comfortable with.

This next step is optional if you want to do eyeshadow. You could go on to the eyeliner and skip this next paragraph, if you’d like a simpler timeless look instead!


Apply a good eye primer to your lids for staying power, I used Urban Decays primer potion. Using your eyeshadow brush, (a crease brush works good for me) apply a orchid shade to your lids. It’s a lovely romantic shade that can be worn by anyone, and I’m loving this color of the year! (Tip: If you used a shimmer you’ll want a matte for under your brow arch, and vice versa.) Apply a nude under the mid brow arch out to the end of the brow, to highlight and lift your brow. You can apply some to your inner eye to brighten your eyes as well. Blend a darker purple in your crease and blend it all with a blending brush or any fluffy eye brush. If you want to brighten the look, dab highlighter and pat on the middle of your eyelids until blended. Adding a little shadow under the lower lash line, helps complete the look and gives a softer look than eyeliner.

Eyeliner time! If you’re uncomfortable with liquid liner, a good tip that helped me get better at it is to lightly dab the brush along the lash line and connect those “dashes”. Then wing it out slowly and steadily matching both sides in front of a big mirror. For lashes, curl then apply 1-2 coats of mascara. Once mascara is dry, curl for longer looking lashes.

For dewy moisturized skin during cold weather, place a small dollop of your foundation or CC cream and mix with your face cream. This gives you a custom, tinted moisturizer that won’t look caked on or feel heavy. If you need a little more coverage, use concealer first and then follow this step!


Don’t forget your lips! I love lipstick and bright, fun colors…but if I’m going out on a date I don’t want to worry if my lipstick is smudged! Personally, once my make up is on and done, I don’t worry or mess with it. Instead, grab a tinted lip balm for a naturally kissable lip that can be applied without a mirror. It’ll moisturize lips, the vanilla smells and tastes delicious, plus it won’t stain your date’s lips/face after a kiss! 😉 If you want a little more color, layer a lip gloss over it in a similar more vibrant shade, and avoid sticky glosses! If you’re Moody obsessed like me, you have all 3 tinted lip balms! Tonight I chose berry. –Sneak peek hint–keep an eye out for new tinted lip balm shades in the near future!!


To complete my look I painted my nails with Candied Orchid, a lovely 3-Free handmade holo polish from Samantha at A Girl Obsessed. – http://www.etsy.com/shop/AGirlObsessed – She’s been my favorite Indie polish maker from the beginning! Now that you’ve got the know-how on a classic date night look, where will you be getting ready to go? Got any crazy date stories? I’d love to hear!


For more tutorials, beauty/skin care, box subscription reviews, and more follow my blog! 😃 – http://www.loveanela.wordpress.com
– I post Monday-Friday at 8AM CST!


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