Eco Emi January 2014

It’s always exciting starting the new year off with all the box subscriptions and what theme they choose for January! Eco Emi always has a fun message on their insert and this isn’t any different! It reliably comes in a small flat rate box which always ships quickly, and I really appreciate that they ship via USPS Priority!

20140126-225749.jpgEco Emi

There is cute pink and white tissue paper as well as Valentines themed confetti that, yes, I saved!


The insert reads: “Remember decorating a shoe box for those special Valentine classroom parties years ago? With this month’s box, we wanted to take you back in time to those magical childhood days of anxiously awaiting to see what Valentine’s goodies were hidden in your box… This month we have featured many items that will surely be a delight, so take a moment to pamper yourself with the treats we included! We have you covered from head to toe with products that are aimed at pure relaxation. Please let us know what you think about them! No matter how you spend Valentine’s Day, Eco Emi wishes you a heartwarming holiday.” I really appreciate the message because I am actually apart from my Valentine because he is deploying soon. So all these goodies really helped to brighten up my day, it’s been a rough one definitely!


The back of the insert with products listed.


First look.


Foam Bath by Aura Cacia, $3.29/2.5oz or $12.48/14oz jar. I don’t take too many hot baths right now so I decided to gift this to a special Secret Cupid swap I’m doing! “These foam baths are immersed in jojoba and coconut cleanser, producing a balanced feeling which leaves the skin feeling soft and silky smooth. Use these at home to create a spa-like environment that will surely delight your senses, refresh your body, and lift your spirits.”


I will always be happy to get dark chocolate like these adorably wrapped Dark Chocolate Squares by Sweet Riot, 90 square cubes for $29.99. “These little chocolate squares are so yummy and beautifully wrapped! They are perfect treats for any celebration or get together; and serve as great host/hostess gifts. Each square is 70% dark chocolate and contains only 25 calories. So, go ahead, treat yourself to three or four squares!”


This All Natural Lip Sparkle in Love Struck is very creamy and lightweight, it’s not sticky but also feels moisturizing. It’s also a nice sheer vibrant pink. It’s frmo Marie Natie. “What an elegant color for this time of year! This all natural lip gloss is enriched with natural oils that offer moisturizing properties ad lasting hydration for your lips. A great travel size; just stick it in your car or purse to use it on the go!” $18/.27 oz.


We also received 3 sample packets attached, one each of Evenly Radiant Brightening Cleanser ($15.50/6oz), Evenly Radiant Brightening Night Creme ($27.95/oz), and Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Creme ($27.95/.5oz). Made by Derma E. Since I only use Juice Beauty on my skin I gave this up for a friend. “This product is a must, especially during the winter months! Infused with vitamins and minerals, the creme boosts radiance and cellular renewal, making it ideal for all skin types.”


This Chocolate Raspberry Candle by Natures Natural smells like a delicious cake. “Made with all natural premium organic soy wax, these candles are long lasting and leave a wonderful long asting aroma in your home.” $.70/.5oz or $2.65/4 candles.


African Black Soap Acne & Razor Bump Kit< $29.99 for full kit from Herbalista MD. “With its earthy scent and all natural ingredients, this African black soap helps improve the texture of the skin. The soap also contains blemish removing components. It doubles as a make up remover and shampoo bar, rejuvenating your skin and hair by removing impurities.” They included a small round sample of the soap, and a packet for their Aloe & Calendula Balancing Serum. I have tried the soap with my Clarisonic and it works wonderfully, no skin irritation at all. The serum did cause my skin to itch and I had to discontinue use, and tossed the rest.


A long time ago I had purchased a sea sponge from a retailer and didn’t know how to sanitize it so I tossed it out, hoping I’d find another eventually. So it was a surprise to find this in my box! Aquanatural Sponges, $7.75/7 pieces. “These all natural sea sponges traveled all the way from the Gulf of Mexico just for you! Each are hand cut, making them unique. Use them during a relaxing bath or during a hot summer day to keep you cool!” They work well at exfoliating your face gently too!


Natural Flower Power All Purpose Cleaner, sadly in lavender scent so I can’t be anywhere near it. I gifted it to a friend though, at least they can enjoy this all natural product! $7.99. “Therapeutic essential oils are combined with a powerful natural cleaner to help disinfect your home. Use coupon code ECOEMI to receive 10% off on all orders over $25.”


As with all my Eco Emi boxes, no complaints and everything was a wonderful treat!

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