Love With Food January 2014 Wake Up To The New Year! Deluxe Box

Love With Food decided to start New Years off with a Wake Up To The New Year! theme for January. They are promoting “Snacking Smart. Doing Good” which is a good quote! I am still currently subscribed for the deluxe box which does get more goodies and extras of each in the box. 😃



The back of the insert with all the goodies inside!


First look.


This Banana Split Baby Mama Drama from Mama’s Magic Mix is a “low- cal Banana Split mix” that is apparently as naughty as it is nice. I’m not sure what that means…? However, this was very interesting. It was a mix of freeze dried fruit like strawberries, and bananas. It also included peanuts in the mix. I shared this with my parents and it was gone in one sitting, it’s about an individual sized snack or you could top it on ice cream. We originally were going to top it on ice cream but it tasted so good, it didn’t make it to our bowls LOL.


I received two each of Pretzo Change-O and Original Milk Chocolate Squares from Jer’s Chocolates. “These bite size treats are great when you need a little something sweet.” These were very sweet, and both have a peanut butter filling. The peanut butter is very creamy and soft, and the Pretzo Change-O had bits of pretzel in it which added a nice sweet flavor to it all.


I was pretty excited to received three bags of these Chocolate Chip Cookies from Home Free. For gluten free they are actually tasty, and not too crunchy. They make a great snack, these were a hit! “These cookies are so tasty that it’s hard to believe they are free of gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy!


I also enjoyed these Superfood Chews from Lovely Candies, they were like gourmet fresh fruit Starbursts but softer and creamier! Also described as “The perfect mix of real fruit bits and sweetness make these candies quite Lovely indeed!” The description definitely does not lie!


I’ve received the same packet sample of Columbia Supremo from Caffe Borsa. “What better way to wake up than with a perfect cup of pour over coffee!” It’s got a coffee filled pouch that is inserted on the rim of your cup to rest above it and you pour the hot water, a little at a time, over the special filter to make your own delicious cup of coffee at home. It’s a fun way to be your own Barista and make a nice cup of Joe.

Here is a screen shot of their video tutorial. I drank my previous sample but haven’t drank this one to take a picture so here’s one to help you get a visual!


I am very sorry to say that I was utterly appalled with the Orange Fruit Bar from Oskri. Supposedly “This low-cal orange bar is a great way to sneak fruit into your diet” but I would much rather eat fruit in it’s fresh delicious form than this way! The packaging gives you a heads up that there are seeds, but my first bite was into a full sized seed that actually hurt my teeth! To top that off, the flavor of the oranges was more citrus than sweet, and certainly didn’t taste as good as a fresh orange. I will sadly be tossing the second one out or seeing if someone else could possibly enjoy this.


Organic Berry Berry Granola Bar from Annie’s Homegrown. “The perfect bar for everyone in the family, these 100% organic bars contain 8g of whole grains per serving.” I had packed this in my purse when I had to take a loved one to the hospital and boy was I glad I had this after getting hungry. It held me off until I was able to get home after. It wasn’t the most tasty granola bar I’ve had, but it tasted healthy. It has cranberries and blueberries, so I chased it down with some gatorade and I was good to go! I also like the brand, they make some fun healthy snacks.


Lightly Salted Almonds from Blue Diamond Almonds. I was actually expecting these to taste pretty plain being lightly salted but I was pleasantly surprised to find out they still taste delicious and perfectly salted! “You can enjoy these almonds without worrying about breaking your resolve to cut down on salt.”


I haven’t had a chance to try these Multi-Grain Sea Salt Skinny Sticks from Hi I’m Skinny yet but have read reviews stating it tastes like a healthy version of Bugles which I used to like so I’m sure I’ll like these just fine as a snack! “A grain based snack that brings you a heart healthy treat.”


Rise and Shine Morning Sunshine Cookie by Lisa Harris Pantry. At first bite I actually didn’t like this, but as I slowly took another bite again and again I started tasting the coffee flavor blend with the cacao nibs and it was a nice breakfast “cookie”. Although it’s such a big cookie I wouldn’t call it a cookie, it’s more like a huge round “cookie-shaped” oatmeal bar.


I ate these Dried Cranberries in their cute little pouch, from Oskri the first day! They are the same company that made the orange fruit bar that I wasn’t fond of. Dried cranberries are pretty hard to botch up though, and I enjoyed these of course!


Overall, this was yet another good box. There are always snacks that aren’t a favorite, but there are also more snacks that I end up enjoying so I really enjoy getting this box. I also love the fact that all the snacks I get are healthy, and I don’t have to feel guilty about i!


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