PopSugar Must Have January Box 2014

It’s exciting to get my PopSugar Must Have Box for January to see how they started off the New Years box off!


Bubba was curious about it’s contents, and if there is any bubble wrap in any of my boxes. Teehee, sorry babe! 🙂


A better view without my fluffy’s head in the way! 😃


The nice foldout insert reads: “It’s crazy to think that we’re already into 2014, but there’s nothing quite as exciting as a fresh start. To help you check off those thoughtful resolutions, you’ll find one-of-a-kind products like designer beauty accessories and tech gear that’ll change up your routine for the better. Want to eat healthier or take a life-changing trip? Your supply box is right here. Cheers to all the great things the New Year has in store!”


I love peeling the PopSugar sticker and pink tissue paper!


First look. That’s a giant bag of popcorn!


Remember how I got a lip balm gel from Malin + Goetz in my Ipsy bag? Well now I have another product from this newly discovered (to me) brand! A Must Have Beauty Detox Face Mask. I could always use a face mask and this one doesn’t have any lavender! To top that off the starter product is $40, ironically about the same price as the box and there’s much more inside!

“Skin need a pick-me-up after the holiday craziness? Try out this soothing Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask, the best beauty product to have in your cabinet this Winter. The five-minute foaming gel uses antioxidants and vitamins to gently cleanse pores while brightening your complexion. The result? A fresh face at its finest.”

Next is a Must Have Food category item, The Juice Generation Book. We actually have a juicer from Costco so we will definitely use this! My parents also have one so I’ll be sharing recipes with them as well! They also included a 30% off a 6 pack Juice Generation coupon. Value $15.93 on Amazon.

“If you haven’t yet fallen for the juicing trend, let this book be your introduction. Filled with easy instructions, The Juice Generation: 100 Recipes For Fresh Juices and Superfood Smoothies will help you turn vegetables and fruits into healthy, tasty beverages. A glass of goodness, coming right up.”

In Nebraska it gets very cold in the winter, and most cheap gloves won’t do the trick so I do have a pair of leather suede gloves to keep my hands warm, but I haven’t seen a “texting gloves/mittens” pair that feels warm. This pair of Jack + Lucy Tech Gloves feel like a nicely knit sweater, and you can use your index or thumb for your handheld electronics! There was no link for these and I can’t find them, it’s odd there was no website on the tag either. If anyone knows the website for these or how much they are, please let me know in the comments. 😃 I also like how it covers past your wrist in case your jacket isn’t long enough to. Guessing value is about $25, since it feels well made.

“Brrr; temps are still low, but don’t let that stop you from texting or web browsing when you’re outside. Slip on these comfy Jack + Lucy tech gloves, and use your smart-phone, tablet, or other touch-screen device in the cold thanks to special finger panels. There’s no stopping business as usual, no matter the weather.” In the insert, where the website is usually listed reads “100% Terylene fabric”.

Must Have Home item, Rifle Paper Co. 2014 Flip Around The World Desk Calendar. I love this!! It’s so cute and flat, then has a creased cardboard back to stand up on a desk. Value $16.

“Your day (and your workspace) is about to get a whole lot brighter. Throughout the year, display this Rifle Paper Co. desk calendar, and flip through 12 charming illustrations of international cities like Paris and Istanbul. Not only will all your co-workers be jealous, but it also just might inspire a major trip in 2014!”

Must Have Food item, Pipsnacks White Truffle Pipcorn. This is interesting, and definitely new to me, mini popcorn. The popcorn pieces are actually mini, and on the bag there is a popcorn outline and a black arrow that says “actual size’ and it’s about half the size of a regular popped piece of corn. I’m not too familiar with truffle, as I haven’t cooked with it before. I have had it a few times in a dish when eating out but am fairly new to it, so this popcorn flavor is going to be an interesting snack to look forward to. Value $6, sold in. Pack of 3/4.5oz bags for &18.

“Behold, your new favorite snack, Pipcorn by Pipsnacks is just what it sounds like – mini popcorn! Enjoy an all-natural, gluten-free white truffle flavor that’s popped with olive oil to make it extra delicious. Consider this proof that all good things come in small sizes.”

Must Have Beauty item, Revlon by Marchesa Box O’ Files. It’s a cute mini 6 pack of travel sized files with a pretty pattern on it. I actually use glass nail files because they’re better for your nails and cause less breakage in the long run, so I will probably gift these to a friend. I have not heard of Marchesa though? The price isn’t on the website, so I’m going to guess $3.

“Have you ever seen a prettier set of nail files? With this limited-edition file box from Revlon by Marchesa, you can bring the runway to your beauty routine anytime, anywhere. The dual-sided files are meant for shaping and smoothing, and the detailed designer style – well, that’s just for showing off.”

This wasn’t my favorite box from them, especially the cheaper nail files that can probably be bought at Walmart, but I did enjoy the Juicing recipe book, gloves and calendar. 😃 I’m also looking forward to trying out the Malin + Goetz 5 minute detox face mask! This box costs $39.95 but is always guaranteed a minimum of $100 worth of items which I love. This time the value was $105.93. Pretty amazing huh!


2 thoughts on “PopSugar Must Have January Box 2014

    • Right? Lol they’re always the cheap walmart type haha sadly I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. In Nebraska it was always snow weather and perfect for all the layers but here in California it’s been like a steady 60-70 degrees and no need for gloves or scarves 😔 glad you understand about the gloves lol 😃

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