Ipsy 19 Reasons 2014 Will be Amazing January 2014

Ipsy had an interesting theme for January 2014 “19 Reasons 2014 Will be Amazing”.

The other side of the insert.


Here is the bag, it has a nice feel to it, a smooth matted feel on the different parts of it. It’s very chic!


First up is a Smooth Shadow creamy eye pencil in Penny from Elizabeth Mott. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this pencil is literally a disposable sample. The bottom doesn’t work as a twist up style, the pencil doesn’t feel like I will be able to sharpen it, which makes it feel like they would’ve saved materials placing an eyeliner swatch on a sheet sample. I’m hoping I’m wrong and you can sharpen this or something weird, please leave me a comment to fill me in lol. This color is a nice color that I will definitely try on the next time I’m heading out somewhere! 😃


I’m new to the brand (Malin + Goetz) Mojito lip balm in a squeeze tube. It’s interesting that the tube doesn’t have a slanted lip applicator, just a flat opening. I’ll keep this at home so I can wash hands before using my finger to apply to lips. I didn’t smell any mojito or taste any sweet flavoring to the balm. The consistency was surprisingly a clear gel like texture so I expected it to be thin and gel like. Wrong! After applying, I noticed it is slightly thick in texture and spreads like a gloss almost, but not quite as sticky as most gloss. I like it! This lip balm is listed at $12 on their site, so this makes the bag worth it alone! 😃


Proactiv samples were included, I’ve never tried the brand or needed it growing up. These are 4 pad samples of their Mark Fading Pads, for preventing acne also. I shared these with my mom because she has a few spots she would like to fade, and it’s a great way to test if these work!


I was excited to get this Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner from Sexy Hair. I could always use a good leave in detangler help, post shower!


I haven’t decided how I feel about this sample tube of Soothing & Smoothing Eye Cream from Skiin. It has chemical ingredients so I don’t think I should risk it.


Overall this was a good bag but also not a favorite. I enjoyed trying the lip balm out, it feels like it would also make a great overnight lip moisturizing treatment. What’d you get in your bag, if you’re an Ipster? 😃


2 thoughts on “Ipsy 19 Reasons 2014 Will be Amazing January 2014

    • Thank you SO much for the tip! Mine is almost flat tipped lol perfect timing. It’s weird because the pencil doesn’t look or feel like the sharpening type, so I’m glad to hear it! 💫

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