Eco Emi December 2013

The holiday box for December’s Eco Emi box is here! First look.


The insert.


This first item was neatly tucked in this adorable red studded gift bag.


A luxurious Winter Wonderland Goat Milk Soap by Omniio. “Imagine the tranquility of fresh snow, festive lights and cozy winter spices while you indulge in the irresistible aromas of this soap! This handmade moisturizing cleanser is created with high quality oils and rich butters, making it gluten, paraben, and sulfate free.” I’ve actually always wanted to try goats milk soap out, so I’m excited to give this a shot! 6oz $7.


Exfoliating Daily Cleansing Towelettes by Blum Naturals, 30 towelettes $ 7.49. “These towelettes are infused with natural and organic botanicals that help remove eye and face makeup. They are saturated with an orange scent that not only smells great, but exfoliates the skin, leaving your face feeling clean and fresh.” I have tried a few of the other Blum towelettes and have had great results.


Natural Herbal Decongestant Salve by Sage Aromatherapy, 2oz $8.75. “This all natural decongestant salve is a must! When you feel a cold coming on, rub a bit on your chest and throat daily to help keep your airways open. Try something new before bedtime; rub a bit on the soles of your feet and cover with socks, it can suppress any cough!” I am going to try this on the soles of my feet since I am not sick, but I love the idea of a natural and simple alternative to items with harmful ingredients in it.


Seed Paper by Plantables and Paper, 25 paper trees $18.75. I gave this to my mom to try out, she’s really into planting! “We are so excited about this amazing item! The seed paper is hand made using recycled paper and a blend of wildflower seeds. Have a new year’s resolution or wish? Why not write it on this seed paper and plant it! It’s a gift that keeps on giving.” It really is adorable.


Tree Cookie Cutters by The Party Fairy, $4.75 ea. “Tis the season for baking, and what a fun way to enjoy! Use these adorable tree cookie cutters to add a little ‘flavor’ to any holiday party, cookie swap, or bake sale this season. As a gift idea, attach one to a jar filled with your favorite cookie mix. Your family, friends, and neighbors will surely love the idea!” This is a really cute cookie cutter, I gifted this to my mom since she loves to bake.


Candy Cane Hand Sanitizer by Fortune Cookie Soap, 1oz $2.89. Ironically I got close family some of these hand sanitizers, so it was nice to get an extra! “Who doesn’t love candy canes? This moisturizing hand sanitizer contains aloe vera and vitamins, so it won’t dry your hands out. Great to keep in your purse or use as a stocking stuffer!”


Ash Bath Soak by Wash 16oz $12. This is a cute little container of bath salts and I love the scent! “What a wonderful way to end your busy day! Made with epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, eucalyptus essential oils and spearmint. Soak your soreness and stress away…aah!”


Whitelighter Eye Shadow by Brija Cosmetics, 5g jar $5. I actually did not receive this in my box and contacted them to let them know. They said they are sending me a replacement, so if I receive it I will post a photo of it as a update for this post. “This shade is the most popular from the Charmed Collection. It contains a dainty gold color with a white base used for brightening. Usable on any skin tone, this eye shadow looks great as a light wash of color or as an inner corner highlight.”

These were the inserts that were at the bottom of the box. Thank you for reading!!


This was a fun box to open up and I loved the holiday theme.



2 thoughts on “Eco Emi December 2013

    • I love this box, especially how they pick Eco friendly products and usually organic or natural so it’s safe for me to try what I get in this box! It’s really affordable at $15/mo. I’m not sure if there’s a referral program in place but feel free to tell them who you heard about them from. 😃

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