Moody Sisters VIP Black Friday Cyber Deal!

Moody Sisters had a really great cyber deal for several gift sets going on. The big exclusive VIP Gift Bag is what I had my eyes on though, there were only 20 of them available. Priced at $74.95 and filled with $101 worth of product. To top off the deal it also comes with a $10 Gift Certificate, and a gift bag! 😃 Which means extra shopping later on!

Here is a photo of it all. It also ships free, as do all orders over $49 with code SHIP49.

My bundle that arrived!


The gift box has oil and product leaked on to it and was a fairly cheap box so I did have to toss it. Bubba was curious about what’s inside.


The bundle comes with:
-Try Me Whipped Body Cream (1 oz jar)

-Eye Makeup Remover (4 oz bottle)
-Detoxing Bath Salts (8 oz jar)

-Coffee Body Butter (4 oz jar) …really excited to try this!

-Limited Edition Vanilla Chai Winter Skin Gift Set (this had a huge reason to do with why I bought this!)

-Lip Love Gift Box (3 Scents) …I didn’t see anywhere to pick which lip set I receive but am okay with any of them!

-Moisturizing Eye Cream

-PLUS FREE $10 Gift Certificate to use or gift


This deal is worthy of being called “amazeballs” LOL I have been seeing this word in emails and Facebook a lot lately. Not sure where it originated from but it sure is a silly word that makes you laugh.

Of these products I’ve sampled the body cream and love it, already have several of the Vanilla Chai gift sets and am a die hard fan of their dry skin cream in this limited edition scent!, and of course have almost all of their lip balms but still can’t seem to get enough of them! If you haven’t tried their products I highly recommend them all. I won’t be able to use the eye cream since it has lavender but that’s okay.


If by any odd chance some of you have a allergy to lavender here is a list of their products that have it as an ingredient. They were kind enough to email it to me so I can be aware of these products.
-Blemish serum (a shame because this stuff works great!)
-Bug Off
-Eye Cream
-Heat Rub
-Facial Toner
-Nourishing Cream Cleanser
-Cleansing Spray
-Baby Wipe Solution
If you aren’t allergic to lavender, consider yourself lucky to be able to use these awesome products! Well, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll check out their shop!


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