PopSugar Must Have December 2013

It’s one of my favorite time’s of the month, the PopSugar Must Have Box!! Sorry December’s box is being revealed in January but things have been pretty busy and hectic with the holidays. I hope you all understand! 😃 I apologize this post is a month behind, but my husband, family and I are spending time before he leaves us and has to deploy so I hope you understand. 😃 I have been writing these recent posts in the end of December before our flight and chaos come up and I won’t have time to blog about everything. So instead I’ve pre-written and scheduled these to be released while I’ll be super busy. If you leave comments I will get notifications on my iPhone to respond, so I won’t be totally disappeared. Feel free to still comment or ask questions! On to December’s box now! I am excited for all of December box subs with Christmas in mind.


First look, before opening the tissue paper, with the very nice quality PopSugar pink insert is placed on top. The front reads “We like to think of this December box as the wish list you never knew you needed. To make this time of year even more wonderful than it already is, you’ll find portable Champagne flutes, a revolutionary mascara, and rich caramel corn – and that’s just the beginning. Unwrap for plenty more surprises to keep the celebration going till 2014. Happy holidays from us to you!”


The lovely signature pink tissue paper and sticker. 😃


First look!!


Starting with a gorgeous (Must Have Fashion) Lulu Frost For PopSugar Bracelet! “It’s a fact of life: a girl can never have too many jewels. Be the first to rock this gorgeous Lulu Frost bracelet made exclusively for POPSUGAR. Beloved by celebrities like Olivia Palermo, the brand is known for mixing vintage and modern elements to create timeless baubles, and this gem is no exception. The gold chain and silver charm will keep you sparkling all season long.” Selling for $110 on their website!


Mixt Studio Holiday Gifting Set (Must Have Home). “Time to get wrapping! Dress up all those presents with this MIXT Studio paper set that feels like newsprint but is so much prettier. All three holiday designs were made from recycled materials and come with tags and twine to decorate. Think of it as gift wrapping that’s just as memorable as what’s inside it.” I couldn’t find a price, but either way I’m very happy with this and since it’s flat, it was easy to pack for all my gift wrap needs when I land!


Modelco Fibre Lashxtend Black Mascara (Must Have Beauty). I’ve tried their lip gloss from Glossybox and really liked it. Plus the gloss tubes have a mirror to help application that much easier! “Prepare to toss out all your mascaras, because this is the one you’ll want to keep forever. ModelCo’s game-changing formula promises clump-free voluminous lashes instantly because of its glossy texture and added lash fibers. That means you get the false-lash effect without all the heaviness. In other words: get ready for a whole lot of compliments. Plus, we love the handy mirror right there, so you can apply anywhere.” This is worth $20, they also included a $10 off any order, plus free Strip Tease Ultra Lip Gloss worth $16 with code SHINE10. Shipping to the US is $15 so the $10 off only covers partial shipping but at least the free lip gloss is a good deal. I already have a few so I don’t need this.


These Govino Go Anywhere Flutes (Must Have Home) are lovely. “What if we told you Champagne time was all the time? Thanks to these genius Govino flutes, you can sip on some bubbly no matter where you are. The glasses look like crystal, but they’re made from a shatter-proof material that’s 100 percent reusable. Plus, they get major points for their elegant shape that’s easy to hold. We can hear those bottles popping already.” The cute indent is for your thumb! These are $12.95 on the website.


CC Made Caramel Corn (Must Have Food) in a tall slim bag. “What’s crunchy, sweet, and completely addictive? CC Made caramel corn, that’s what. Baked by hand using organic yellow popcorn mixed with buttery caramel and roasted nuts, it’s everything you ever wanted from a party snack – or any snack, for that matter. You’ll think twice about giving i up as a hostess gift, but either way, you won’t go wrong.” This sounds delicious, and I appreciate the popcorn being organic! This 3 oz bag is $4.


I was excited to see these NCLA Peppermint Lane Nail Wraps (Must Have Beauty) in my box. On the front it says ultra thin self adhesive, so I’m hoping these are thinner than normal nail wraps and stay on better as a result. “Keep your nails in tip-top shape while you party-hop your way through next year. With NCLA’s red-and-white nail wraps, you can mix and match striped or polka-dot designs for a fun, festive look. The best part is they’re self-adhesive, making it super easy to keep the holiday spirit right at your fingertips!” These are $16 on the website.


Ghirardelli Squares Chocolate (Special Extra), I was super excited to see these in my box because as of last year my mom and I got really addicted to these holiday assorted chocolates! I love Ghirardelli chocolates, I can’t imagine who doesn’t! I’m not normally a sweets person but these chocolates bring it out of me lol. “This time around, enjoy not one but two sets of velvety treats from Ghirardelli chocolates. The first bag is filled with creamy Milk & Caramel squares, and the other comes with exciting flavors like Pumpkin Spice Caramel, Peppermint Bark, and Eggnog. Your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised.” I love these!! The milk and caramel is listed at $4.25, I couldn’t find the holiday assortment bag on their website but will value it at the same $4.25.


Totaling the value of this box at $171.45! That’s pretty incredible and impressive. I loved this box and am going to enjoy all these treats with loved ones!



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