My Cotton Bunny The Winter Night Bundle December 2013

My Cotton Bunny’s December box theme is The Winter Night Bundle, sorry my posts are a month behind. I had to pack and get ready for my trip to California for the holidays so things got hectic!


The insert.


The gift item is a set of Warm Gloves with Capacitive Tips. “Stay connected in the cold! Take pictures and text without having to remove your gloves.” I received some cute pink and white striped ones because I prefer pink for items I receive. The capacitive tips are grey, and not funky colored like some others I’ve seen that I would not wear!


The first treat is from Taza Chocolate and is a delicious Almond Crunch mini bar. “Organic stone ground chocolate bar with almonds and puffed rice.” This was a really nice treat, it was not too sweet at all, the brown rice puffs were light and crispy. I actually didn’t notice the almonds, but maybe I was enjoying the brown rice too much lol.


Next is described as a Mystery Treat “Return for a second helping of past favorites, or something new?” I received a Double Chocolate. Espresso. Cookie from Midnight Marlo that looks like a giant biscotti! Yum!


The bonus item, “For completing last month’s challenge, you’ll find a Pura Vida bracelet in your box.” We received a bracelet from them in a previous box so I already have one and am saving this for a stocking stuffer gift! It’s pretty and made with pink, purple, and white.


The challenge is to “Put those gloves to work! Send your best picture of a winter scenery to our Facebook wall at One winner will get their next box on us. Sounds like fun! I’ve got a few snowy pictures from the recent snow too. Silly me forgot to capture a photo of the same ol’ Tampax Pearls I get each month but here they are with everything else in the box!



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