Ruby White Tips Snowflake and Cupcake Mani!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you all have a wonderful day with family, friends, and all your loved ones!

For this manicure I created a different look for each hand to make it a little fun and different! I’ll start with the left hand since it is Christmas inspired and I can never get enough of Christmas fun all month long! The polishes I used as a base for both hands are pictured below. 2 coats of Yellow Stopper as the base first, followed by 2 coats of Bridge the Ridge and let the base coats dry. The Seche Vite is for the top coat.


Now for the polishes used on my left mani with the fun hand painted snowflake…

I used a white n ail art polish bottle and the thin striping brush it came with to paint the snowflakes and a toothpick for the dots on the end. I also used the toothpick and clear polish to pick up the glitters for the middle.

I applied two coats of the lavender Essie on the accent nail underneath, two coats of the neon pink and two coats of face off a gorgeous pink holo that is sheer so it looked amazing on top!

For the other hand I used these polishes.

Using the mint green as a base with two coats, followed by two coats of my new holo top coat from Mentality nails. For the accent nail two coats of the sparkling baby blue and a cupcake vinyl nail decal. I also used Christmas Balls from Ruby White Tips on the middle and pinky, and loved it!! I love the sparkling rhinestones on the lid, it really makes them stand out and look that much more unique!


Another mani I had time to make. 😃


I’d love to see your ideas and mani’s you created too, you can post links if you like!


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