La Bella Vernice Polish & Mani

I had yet to own a thermal color changing polish and have been wanting a pink one. I really liked Feeling Playful, a pale sheer holo pink that in the cold changes to a darker bright pink. So I shopped from La Bella Vernice for the first time!


I love the detail and little insert along with her business card. The boxes were matching and gorgeous! It had a real boutique feel to it.


Along with Feeling Playful I also bought Paint Me Mercury, a pale pink texture polish.


Here’s Feeling Playful with Paint Me Mercury on the tips. It wasn’t quite as textured as I had hoped it would be so I just put a top coat over it all to smooth it out. I did like how they looked together!


Here’s the thermal before the tips were painted and with flash.


Then after washing my hands with cold water. The color changes back so quickly it was hard to capture all nails dark pink.


I am very happy with this purchase!

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