Handmade Organic Lip Balm Holiday Gifts!

I recently made two batches of homemade organic lip balms in containers and made my own labels, including a bottom label with the ingredients!

Here is the first batch, it is a white colored balm that I named Lip Butter since it has a thicker consistency than most lip balms. I made this with organic castor oil, beeswax, shea butter, calendula oil (for it’s healing properties), and peppermint oil for that amazing mint tingle on the lips! I stamped and cut out heart labels and had a lot of fun with it!


This next batch is a golden yellow color, and I called these LipMints! They are a luxurious glossy sheer formula that also feels that fun mint tingle! For these I used organic extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, argan oil, calendula oil, and peppermint oil! Here they are after they’ve been poured and dried!


For this batch I wanted to add some fun stickers and still made my own labels on the bottom with the ingredients to add to the handcrafted feel of these. I thought smiley’s would be fun to look at every time they’re brought out!


Hurray for my LipMints!


Here are the label bottoms on some of them. 😃


I’m hoping I’ll have time to hand these to close friends and family, along with a handmade marshmallow pop! I will be making stamped homemade tags too, I am super excited for this handmade gift!

My husband and I took Bubba to Petsmart, the other night, to check out airplane friendly carriers so we can take him on the plane with us and fit him under our chair within the measurement requirements. Thought I’d share this adorable picture of him on his new carrier bedding.

Happy flying in a few weeks Bubba!


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