A little bit of nail fun experimentation!

I had a little bit of random creativity hit me when I had hit the bottom of a few of my mini polish bottles and didn’t want to throw them away because I always try to reuse bottles or containers when I can. So I mixed up my own polishes using existing poliishes I have, both a mix of regular brands and Indie, to create some holiday polishes I can take with me on my trip and save me a bunch of money from spending on Christmas polishes I keep seeing sneak peeks and release photos of on Facebook! Here is what I created! I also added a stainless steel mixer ball in each so I could easily shake and mix the polish when needed.


For the red I wanted a ruby slipper red like from the Wizard of Oz, so I mixed a bright red polish with an opaque red glitter polish to make it a bit sheer, then added in some silver micro and mini glitter polish like snow. I’m happy with it! For the pearly pink I added a frosted rose pearl shimmer pink, with silver tinsel looking glitter, and pink glitter polish for a frosted holiday pink. I also added a bit of champagne polish to give it an ornament shine when in certain lights. I normally don’t like the bar glitter but this is a good way to give me a nice holiday polish and use some of the silver glitter polish up!


For the next two, the green I wanted a shimmer green, as you can see in the picture above the glitter I added sunk to the bottom but that’s okay I don’t need it lol. I mixed a green shimmering emerald polish, with a bright green holo to lighten and add some sparkle to it. For the last snow-globe polish I added some of my favorite Baby It’s Cold Outside from Ellagee, and grabbed a few snowflakes more for looks in the bottle than for my nails (since they sink to the bottom) like a snow-globe effect. I also added a bit of some bluish white glitter polish to look like icy snow melted in a bottle, I also added a little of the tinsel glitter in to complete the holiday effect. It’s such a pretty bottle I could almost display it like a mini polish snow-globe! šŸ˜ƒ


I just wanted to share this fun way to make some other shades or glitter types of polish reusing an empty or near empty polish bottle, and some colors you might not normally use on it’s own or make a spin off of your favorite polishes!



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