Coco Lacquer Tiffany Blue and Glitter Party Mani

I was sent this lovely glitter polish pictured below to review and swatch (posted in a previous post), and decided to make another exclusive Coco Lacquer mani using Tiffany Blue as a base and Victoria’s Matte Top Coat for a lovely matte stardust effect. I also took a photo of it with a shiny top coat so you can see how different the top coat can make it look! Polishes below are what I used for this look.


Fun random fact, I helped Victoria Adam’s name her glitter polish Glitter Party! She made this polish for her love of glitter and basically threw in every kind of shape and color glitter she could in this polish and I thought it looked like a glitter party with all the glitters in it! She loved the name and that’s what we’re calling it. 😃 I’m really excited about it! “CoCo lacquer Products are free of harmful toxins such as : Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) , and Camphor.”

I painted my base coat of choice, I would’ve used Coco Lacquers base coat but I prefer my peel/pop off base coat method using two coats of Yellow Stopper top coat as a base, followed by two coats of Bridge The Ridge base coat. Both from Sally’s Beauty Supply store. Next I applied one coat of Tiffany Blue, you do need to work slightly quick with her polishes because they dry so quickly, definitely not something to complain about! Next I chose my ring finger to be my accent nails so I applied one coat of Glitter Party on all but the ring finger.

To do the accent nail, I wanted a glitter ombre effect. So I started painting at the tip so most of the polish would be applied darker there first, then lightly applied and dabbed my way toward the middle to create a barely there glitter effect at the middle of the ail and getting darker with tons more glitter towards the tip! Last I applied a quick dry top coat and took a photo of the shiny sparkling mani at this step. I did this to help dry the mani quicker.


Next I applied one coat of her matte top coat for a lovely stardusted mani! I am clearly obsessed with matte mani’s, I just love the frosted look it gives!


These polishes dried very quickly, and I went to bed within an hour after doing my nails and the next morning there were no sheet or comforter imprints on my nails like I normally do! This was a pleasant surprise. 😃 Be sure to check out her Etsy shop here, and she also is one of those rare shops online that offers free shipping! On top of that she also makes custom polishes. You can also buy from her shop on Big Cartel here.

Speaking of custom polishes I had actually contacted her regarding a custom holiday mini duo set I wanted to create for the holidays for family and friends and she did a wonderful job. I won’t be publishing that post until around Christmas time, that way family won’t read about it and spoil their gift! I am beyond excited about it though, and wish that Christmas were here already! Oh how I love Christmas time! This year I’m doing a gift baskets with handmade items in it, including my organic handmade lip balms and butters, and this customized set I ordered through here. Her prices are the most affordable I’ve come upon for Indie polishes on Etsy and you get free shipping, so if you do go and show her shop some love let her know Dorene sent you over!

Thank you for reading and what’s on your Christmas shopping list for loved ones? You could easily make your own lip scrub with brown sugar, honey (a natural preservative), and extra virgin olive oil. Go all organic for a healthier and luxurious upgrade! Buy some small empty container or even some small mason jars and call it a body and lip scrub! I wanted to do this but it would be too much to pack for the trip to Cali, and I don’t know if I’ll have the time when I arrive since we’ll be traveling close to Christmas Day most likely. You could also reference my lip balm recipe and play with amounts of each ingredient to customize your own personal lip balm or butter!


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