Eco Emi November 2013 Box!

This November, Eco Emi sent a Thanksgiving/Winter themed box to help us get through the cold days and avoid chapped lips or dry skin, which I much appreciate with my dry skin already in full gear! I like how I usually get the shipment confirmation and tracking email the same day as my box arrives, it is a nice surprise and shipped via priority USPS small flat rate box.


Bubba helped me open up my box, while searching for bubble wrap. Sorry Bubba this box doesn’t have any!


First look!


Product list insert.

For those of you interested, the back reads “November is the month to give thanks, and Eco Emi wants to say THANK YOU for your continuous support; after all, without you, the planet wouldn’t be getting greener! Gathering together with family and friends, reminiscing about past times and making new memories is always fun! Preparing secret family recipes, playing games, or even anxiously waiting for the first snowflake to fall are a few of the best things to do this time of year. On the subject of snow, as we all know the weather is changing rapidly, and the dreaded chapped lips and dry skin are lurking just around the corner. to to worry! We have packed several items that fit this month’s winter woodland theme which will surely help soothe and moisturize those irritated areas!
Whether you are making new traditions or celebrating old, Eco Emi hopes you and your loved ones have a wonderful month. Keep an eye out because Santa is just around the corner with a bag of treats!” I am oober oober excited about Christmas and all my box subscriptions being themed for the holidays! 🙂 Christmas makes me so happy!

After removing my insert, here is a better first look!


This cute red flower on elastic was wrapped around a snowflake gift bag with several individually wrapped items inside.


There were adorable snowmen and snowflake big confetti pieces in the bag that I saved. They’d be cute on cards and envelopes this Christmas!


Chandra Dry Perfume by Chamelagiri, 2.5 grams $25. This is entirely new to me and the scent was quite strong with just a dab and rub of this. “Chandra is a spicy, chocolate chai blended into a soft powdery pillow that has such a wonderful, yummy scent. It’s crafted with resins, spices and natural ambers from India and Morocco. Apply the same way as regular perfume on your wrist and neck. It has a long lasting scent, giving you an air of intrigue for the day and evening” It was a bit strong for me and isn’t a scent I would normally wear but I do have a few people in mind that I think this would be wonderful on!


This tissue paper, candy wrapping was one item in the bag.


Revealing a Pumpkin Pout Lip Balm by Tulips Apothecary, 1oz $8. I love the gentle pumpkin scent! “Such an inviting warmth for the season! This lip balm is filled with organic cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. When applied to the lips, this lip balm will not only moisturize but the light burnt orange color blends beautifully with Autumn.” Fun! I love love love me some good lip balm. 🙂 This is the smaller size she offers, a .25 oz. It would’ve been nice to get full size but this is also perfect for my pocket or purse. It has a slightly thicker consistency for a lip balm which I love and the tint is very subtle and natural.


Peppermints packet by St. Claire’s Organics, $1.19/.53 oz or $2.99/1.5oz tin. I’ve tried their ginger pastilles which I love for when I’m nauseous. “Mint is a favorite of mine, and these are purely delicious! They’re available in different sizes from a pocket pouch to decorative tins and even in bulk! Not only do they taste delicious, but they also help clear congestion and sooth upset tummies! 10% of profits fund the Ethno Medicine Preservation Project to preserve indigenous medicinal plant knowledge.” They included code “EE1113” for 15% off.


I absolutely love this cute wooden greeting card! It’s eco friendly and handcrafted by http://nightowlpapergoods.comhttp://nightowlpapergoods.comNight Owl Paper Goods, box of 6 is $24. “These cards are too adorable! Because they are made from sustainably-harvested birch wood, each is unique. The cards are blank, so you can personalize your holiday message. Use code ‘ECOEMI2013’ to get 20% off.”

There’s a very cute and colorful insert in the back of the card package.


Another cutely wrapped item from the snowflake bag! What could it be?

Squeaky Clean Shampoo by Sparklehearts offered in a Peta Gift Set for $12.99! “What a great travel sized product set; it’s 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan! This shampoo has a wonderful aroma and it leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean and silky. What a great gift for someone or maybe to pack for any upcoming holiday travels.” Funny they should say that since I just started packing for our trip back to California to be with family for the holidays!

So this huge flower on the elastic is actually a Flower Headband by Anna valued at $9. “This beautiful flower headband is perfect to wear on any special occasion this holiday season. It comes in many colors, so pick a few to go with your everyday wardrobe.”

I know Bubba is a macho guy and all but I just can’t help myself sometimes, he’s too adorable to not play with! He clearly didn’t like having a bright big flower on his head lol. I had to hold his head up before he paw-ed it off. The flower is quite big for a headband so I don’t think I’d wear this but you never know, I’ll try it out for the holidays and see how I like it. I packed it with my nail polish, it’s holding the lid down on the box of my indie polishes since my collections small enough to fit in a Birchbox. 😃


This was also in the snowflake bag!

Whipped Shea Butter with Kalahari Melon Seed Oil by Shea Radiance, 8oz $32. “A little goes a long way with this luxuriously whipped and nourishing butter cream. It’s essential oils and vitamin E provide long lasting moisture to restore dull skin.” They included code “ECOEMI2013” for 20% off.


This is a nice sized tin of Midnight Dark Drinking Chocolate by Kitsune Tea, 6oz $16. “What a great treat for those cold days! Enjoy drinking some 100% organic dark, cocoa that is made from the highest quality Peruvian cocoa beans.” I will try this soon! I will probably melt one of my handmade marshmallows I still have from Kerfluffles.

This barely made two servings making 1 cup, and I threw in two Kerfluffles marshmallows letting it melt in to add to the creaminess and a bit of sweet vanilla. Even my husband enjoyed the sip he tried, he doesn’t normally like dark cocoa or dark chocolate but I think the marshmallow helped the flavor a bit.



I’m really excited about the dark cocoa, and lip balm. 😃 This was a fun box as always and a good mix of items were included!


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