My Cotton Bunny The Timeless Bundle November 2013

It is My Cotton Bunny’s one year anniversary bundle, with the theme The Timeless Bundle!


The insert.


There was also a insert for Dear Kate, a special underwear for that time of the month. I never even knew there was such a thing. We were given a $10 off code “MYCOTTONBUNNY” but most of the underwear range about $30 or higher so I passed but you’re welcome to use my code instead!


First look, always exciting with this box!!


Starting with the gifts, the fun part! A bunny locket watch on a long necklace chain in a bronze tone. It’s adorable, and I haven’t decided if I will actually wear it, display it as decor somewhere in my office or room, or gift it. They wrapped it in a cute mini red organza bag. “To help celebrate our anniversary and our customers, we found the perfect gift. Nothing says timeless like a locket. The adorable, and fashionable, bunny locket holds a secret clock inside as a reminder to never forget the important things in life.” I always appreciate the descriptions and what they have to say!

The inside of the locket. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, and the little white rabbit yelling “I’m late, I’m late!…” lol


The second gift is a heart tea strainer, and since I have a ton of loose leaf tea this will come in handy and is a cute way to have tea! “Infusion time! Add loose tea, included in this bundle or use your own, in the strainer and place in cup. Carefully add boiling water and let the flavors miix for 3-5 minutes. (Always refer to the manufacture website for specific brewing instructions.)”


The included first treat is the tea mentioned above, but they are already in bags and don’t need a tea strainer. From Mighty Leaf Tea in flavors Organic Earl Grey and Blueberry Superfruit caffeine free. “Organic Earl Grey. Timeless tea created with organic black tea essence of bergamot, and essence of jasmine. Use as is in the pouch of open to enjoy with your tea strainer.” I already drank the earl grey and it was wonderful!


The second treat is a Cookies with a Biscotti Twist by Marlo’s Bakeshop. This, I had with mint tea and it was a real treat, not too sweet and a wonderful fusion of a double chocolate chip cookie and a biscotti.


The bonus gift for doing a blog review or the previous month’s bonus task is an item from the past. Some cute hair pins from an older box, and I actually wanted these style clips so I was glad to receive them. They hold hair well, and are a lovely pink crystal and coral pink stone mix!


This month’s bonus task is check their Facebook page around November 15 and let them know which bundle was our favorite and what we’d like to see in future bundles. I like that they really listen and take our opinions into account. There was also this random piece of pretty pink ribbon that might’ve come loose from something but I saved it for crafts! Also can’t forget the essential part of this box, my Tampax Pearls!



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