PopSugar November 2013 Box!

I was very excited (even that’s an understatement) to receive my 2nd PopSugar Must Have Box for November! The box was heavy just like last month which is always fun!


First look at the accordion style brochure and lovely pink packaging! I gingerly went through everything so I would get to unwrap everything before reading about it as part of my new “no spoilers for my subscriptions” I am doing. I’ve been doing good so far!


A close up…cover reads “With the holidays kicking into high gear very soon, we wanted to make your life easier with practical but swoon-worthy pieces. From a cozy wrap to a new way to remove nail polish, you’ll find everything to get you through November and beyond. Of course, the season wouldn’t be complete without a touch of caramel apple or pinecone scent, so look out for that as well as a few items to brighten your Thanksgiving whether your a hostess or a guest. We hope you enjoy this month’s goodies as mush as we do. Let the festivities begin!”


I love the PopSugar sticker and pink tissue paper. 😃 It makes me smile!


Open the tissue paper and first glance! Gah!!! 😃 My Bubba’s head is on the bottom right, he always goes sniff crazy when I open my boxes seeing if there’s any bubble wrap for him to pop and destroy lol.


…aaand he found and claimed his bubble wrap! haha Don’t worry I supervise him when he has this and he never attempts to eat it, he just loves to pop the bubbles and hear the “pop” sound. He loves it as much as he loves squeak toys!


First up is a Must Have Fashion item, Michael Stars Wrap main color black with light grey and loose fraying at the edging. I took photos of the item and the item picture from the brochure so you could see what it looks like opened too, especially for items like this that are harder to photograph fully opened. The tag is priced $42 that is attached. This alone covers the price of the box! “Meet your new favorite wardrobe essential. With its ubersoft feel and bold print, this Michael Stars wrap is all about effortless style. Wear it as a scarf to punch up an everyday look or as a comfy shawl when you’re traveling to visit friends and family – in any case, you’ll be reaching for it tie and time again.””Meet your new favorite wardrobe essential. With its ubersoft feel and bold print, this Michael Stars wrap is all about effortless style. Wear it as a scarf to punch up an everyday look or as a comfy shawl when you’re traveling to visit friends and family – in any case, you’ll be reaching for it tie and time again.”


In a Must Have Home category, Illume Candle. Subscribers either receive Naughty – a spicy wooded scent, or Nice – a sweet vanilla fragrance. I received Naughty, it is actually a nice holiday scent that is perfectly fragranced with spice and wood but still feminine. I have a ton of vanilla and sweet candles because that’s always my go to, so it was actually nice to get something outside of my usual! My favorite thing about this candle is that it is soy! This sells for $15.75 on their website. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve been good or bag this year – we still think you should get a treat in your stocking. Enjoy a Naughty or Nice Illume candle this time around, and fill the house with a spicy wooded scent or sweet vanilla fragrance. Either way, Santa would definitely approve.”


Must Have Home item, Land’s End Single Canvas Wine Tote. It is so cute and a great way to take a bottle of wine over a friends! I am probably bringing a bottle over our friends for Thanksgiving actually so this is perfect for carrying it in a cute way. Listed $24.50 on their site. “No doubt you’ll be showing up to plenty of homes this season with wine in hand. Up your party-going game with a Lands’ End canvas carrier that’s all kinds of sturdy and practical. We especially love the two-tones touch, which is a playful take on its classic beach tote. From here on out, those paper bags don’t stand a chance.”


Must Have Food, Maison De Monaco Strawberry & Blackcurrant Cream Preserves. This sounds interesting! $36 for a $6 pack, so value is $6. “Get your traditional French fix with this mouthwatering Maison de Monaco preserve. Hand-cooked in San Francisco in small batches and made with 70 percent fruit, the strawberry and blackcurrant jam will become your go-to spread all year long. Its light texture makes it ideal for drizzling over waffles, toast, cheeses, or even ice cream. The options are endless!”

I am in love! It’s delicious, the perfect light sweetness and fruit flavor mm!


Must Have Beauty, The Soap & Paper Factory Roland Pine Shea Butter Soap. I always love receiving soap! Call me old fashioned but I prefer washing my hands with a bar of soap with healthy ingredients than pump antibacterial soap full of chemical ingredients. $8 value. “In the middle of the craziness of the holiday season, take a minute to spoil yourself silly. We’re enchanted by The Soap & Paper Factory’s shea butter soap that nourishes while giving off a delicate, captivating pine scent. You’ll feel as if you stepped straight into a forest, in the best way possible.” I’m normally not a fan of pine scent or am very picky about how it’s scented, but I’m enjoying this and how much it smells like Christmas!


Must Have Beauty, Absolute! Nail Polish Remover Pads in Peach scent. Adorable packaging, and I can always use nail polish remover but I appreciate these being acetone free so I can be gentle on my nails while trying to grow them out! These are $2.99 online and come in Spring Fresh, Lemon, Peach, and Lavender. I’m glad I didn’t get lavender so I can use these! “Say ‘so long’ to cotton balls, because these scented Absolute! Nail Polish Remover Pads are a game changer. With a few hassle-free swipes of the oil-based remover, you’ll be switching from reds to metallics in no time. And thanks to the convenient size, you can carry them with you just about everywhere.”

Must Have Home, PopSugar sent us a $30 gift card to CanvasPop. “Don’t let all those great pictures just sit in your phone or some online album. Turn them into art! With this $30 CanvasPop gift card, make a quality canvas print to give as a gift or hang in your home. You’ll know just how to answer whenever someone asks, ‘Where did you get that?’ ”


Special Extra, BareFruit Crunchy Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips. 10 pack $34.99, making this one $3.49. I’m looking forward to trying these, the flavor certainly sounds delicious! “Three words: caramel apple chips. Throw in some sea salt and you’ve got these unbelievable Barefruit snacks baked with 100 percent real fruit. We say we eat them alone when you’re on the go or sprinkle them over hot oatmeal for some guilty-free goodness.”


There was also a random insert introducing online offers from ShopStyle by PopSugar, but I probably won’t shop there. The total value of this box is $132.73!! I am definitely beyond happy and elated with this box and am going to have fun playing with all my goodies now.


I actually need a new soap bar in my bathroom sink ironically…perfect timing! Pretty imprint!



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