Birchbox November 2013

Birchbox is hit or miss with their samples, and it seems everyone gets very different items in their box at times. The main reason I remain so loyal is with the low $10 monthly price, there’s always at least one item in the box that I’ll like that usually values the price of the box.


This month’s theme is “More Good” in remembrance of Thanksgiving and giving more as well as thanks.

With the product list on the back as usual.


First look. Chocolate šŸ˜ƒ.


They included a cute mini booklet of holiday gift guide suggestions and party ideas.


First up, nail polish! This color is Top Shelf from Color Club, a lovely shimmering copper that’s perfect for Christmas!! Full size is $8, and it’s an “on-trend pro quality lacquer that will take you easily – and gorgeously – from day to night”. It’s recommended you “apply two coats for an opaque finish. Always use base and top coats to make your color last”.

My metallic mani using this and a polish I got from Ipsy that will be in tomorrow’s post!


With my sensitive skin I didn’t try this DDF Amplifying Elixir on my face but did on my hands, it is a very watery formula. If you’re not careful when squeezing the tube you might lose it all! Being in a tube I expected a slightly thicker than water consistency but it literally is like water when released. However it did seem like it held the moisture in my hands from it well. It is a very small sample tube and will probably last a week or less. I can’t imagine it lasting more than a few days if used on the face morning and night though. Full size is $70, the “translucent formula transforms skin, boosting its natural moisture barrier up to 50%”. You apply it “morning and night, smooth over clean skin on face and neck before applying moisturizer”.


I haven’t tried this Eyeko Black Magic Mascara but the tube is cute. Full size is $24, this looks like half size of the full one so it’s probably a deluxe sized sample. It should last a month or two since I don’t wear make up outside the weekends. This is a “Water-resistant formula that curls, thickens, and lasts all day” you simply “sweet the brush upward to coat your lashes”.


I was excited to try this Tiossan Body Cream out with it’s cute packaging, full size $38. It’s described as “loaded with antioxidants, this aromatic body cream leaves skin silky and soft”. Application instructions: “Warm a nickel-sized amount in your palm for 20 seconds before applying. Massage into skin”. The instructions are a bit misleading, normally creams that require you to warm it in your palm first, have a thick or solid-like formula but this cream is so thin it should be called a lotion. I was a little disappointed at how empty the sample jar is too, it’s only half full. The scent was a bit too strong for me and not a favorite, I received Femme a fragrance with floral amber notes. If the scent was lighter I might like it but it’s so strong that when I took my first whiff of it, it made me cringe.

I used this over the DDF serum on my hands as the follow-up moisturizer step and they worked well together. You can see how soft it made the skin on my hands.


There was a Lifestyle Extra treat from Chuao that’s part of an Assorted Chocopod 8-piece gift set for $9.95. I’m actually considering using my 100 points I’ve saved for this, I really love dark chocolate and the Honeycomb flavor I received was delicious! It consisted of “Luscious amber honey, caramelized into crispy bits and enrobed in dark chocolate” it was amazingly tasty! “Made with premium cacao, these inventive treats satisfy any sweet tooth…We trust that you’re an experienced chocolate taster – enjoy!”.


This box was decent, I particularly enjoyed the dark chocolate, and nail polish. šŸ™‚



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