Fall Leaf Me Not Mani!

I was gifted this polish from a good friend I met only a month ago but I consider a good friend, it’s from Creations By Lynda and called Leaf Me Not! It’s a mix of orange and red micro glitter, along with gold holo and brown glitters. It is a limited edition polish available online until December 1st for $8.



It really is a lovely glittering fall shade, I love the red in it! It draws you in to look closer, the gold holo glitters add a magical effect too! First photo below is taken with the iPhone HD camera, second photo with flash.



I applied two coats Yellow Stopper and two coats Bridge The Ridge to make the polish a peel/pop off base. Two coats of China Glaze White On White, three coats on the accent nail for proper opacity since it’s just white for the accent. I also added a golden stud onto the accent nail.


For the rest of my mani I needed only one coat of Leaf Me Not for a lovely mani! I decided to go with a shiny quick dry top coat to add to all the sparkling beauty of this polish!


I love this polish I was gifted and appreciate it 😃. It’s a great way to be introduced to the shop. She also sells soy candles which I’m really starting to get into now. I would love to hear if any of you have shopped from her and how you like her other products! I liked the polish quality, it dried quickly, and application was easy. The polish wasn’t too thick or thin, it has a ton of glitter too which made it super easy to apply. No fishing needed!


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