Coco Lacquer Prize and Fall Glitter Swatch

I received a lip stain/gloss from Coco Lacquer on Etsy for a mani contest using her polish that she’d contacted me about and lucky me I won! I chose the lip gloss Barbarella a limited edition bright pink.

It’s highly pigmented and slightly stains, here is a swatch on my hand and after wiping off with a tissue, it leaves a slight pink hue.


She offers it on her Etsy shop with a matching mini pink polish for $13 and $2 shipping.


Here is the mini bottle of polish I am doing a swatch of.


I borrowed my husbands nail and it was actually the first time he’s let me do this so it was pretty exciting! 🙂


Here it is a couple different angles and swatch on my nail up close in sunlight!


It’s chock full of lovely glitter! The glitter coloring is very colorful with white, holo, green, blue, orange/gold and black all mixed with micro glitter, different sized hex, square and round shapes! The mini bottle is not labeled what color this polish is called.


Application is easy, quite a bit of polish came out on the brush so I did wipe a bit off to make application easier. It has a ton of micro glitter so the polish makes a lovely sparkling mani even worn by itself, which is actually my preferred look. Her polishes tend to dry fairly quickly which is nice so you’re not sitting around waiting forever. I love the shape of these mini polishes, they make great stocking stuffer gifts!



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