You Polish November 2013 Monthly Box Prize!

I won a free November You Polish a monthly, non-subscription, box by sharing my October unboxing photo on their Facebook page. I’d never won a nail polish box as a prize so this was pretty exciting! You Polish is a 4 free handmade nail polish small business owned by nail lacquer artist Lauren Walker. The boxes are first come first serve until sold out and release dates are published early on her Facebook page. Prices are: for US $16.99 shipped, for Canada $23.54. Her polishes range from $5.25-$8 and her box polishes are new polishes that usually list for $8, so you save on shipping with the box. Plus she always includes some goodies as a bonus! Here is my package as it looked upon opening the shipping envelope it arrived in.


The bonus goodies for this box is a container stuffed to the top with caviar nail beads, something I’ve never played with and am excited to try, and a Caramel Apple Pop. I haven’t had one of these in years! It’s a Green Apple Candy with Chewy Caramel on the outside. 🙂 nom nom!


The caviar nail beads were so generously filled to the top in its container, so I poured half into a second container to make them easier to access.


Now for the lovely polishes I picked! These were all the polish choices for this month, and you get to pick two if you ordered a box. Photo below is from You Polish‘s Facebook Cover Photo and page.


I chose Autumn Sun, a lovely red, orange duochrome with hints of yellow and green. A perfect shade for fall especially but with the right nail art could be used all year long!

I love her frosted style labels too!


The second polish I picked is Pink Is The Color Of Life, filled with light and pastel pink hex, square and dot glitters in both matte and holo finishes with a feminine pink shimmer. It reminds me of Christmas, it also has tiny thin bars of pink holo glitters. It makes me think of pink Christmas fairies when I look at it for some reason, or pink iridescent snowflakes. 😃


I love this box! She recently released a Mickey Mouse glitter limited box that I was so tempted to buy but I need to control my nail polish obsession lol. Besides I’ve won a decent amount of nail polish recently to help my addiction! Thank you You Polish for my box, it’s a wonderful early Christmas gift!


Here is a mani I did using both colors and the caviar beads on the tips of a nail as an extra accent nail.


They’re both gorgeous colors. The glitter only needed one coat and Autumn Sun needed two coats. Not sure how I like the outcome of the caviar beads but it was fun trying it out! Please feel free to give me any tips or advice about how to use these!

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