Signup for The Stamps Of Life Club and November 2013 Stamps!

I recently picked up my stamping hobby as I newly posted about the other day, and discovered this really neat stamping club online called The Stamps Of Life owned by Stephanie Barnard who works with Sizzix a big stamping company. The Stamps Of Life Club membership ships you a 4×6 sheet set of stamps that go with the month’s theme, for $10.95 plus $1 shipping ($11.95/mo total). Shipping to Canada is $1.50 and $2.50 for other countries. If you live in CA there is a tax fee (which is a pain, since I’ll temporarily be there while my husband deploys!). For November I signed up for this membership but later decided to upgrade to the Die Hard Club, which will be effective for Decembers shipment, where I will receive coordinating dies that go with the stamps perfectly with use of the Sizzix Big Shot machine that my husband is going to get me for Christmas! This way I can start building my collection before-hand! The Die Hard Club is $23.90/mo plus $1 shipping, so $24.90 each month for me!

There are two options for this club “Stamp Club” or “Die Hard Club”, here is a screenshot from their website, of the two membership options and the benefits so I don’t bore you with the details! The stamps sent out are clear stamps (made in the US) that stick to an acrylic block that you buy separately, and are shipped via USPS. They are made from yellowing resistant photopolymers, are latex free, and are meant to carry and transfer ink. They should also last a lifetime with proper care! A neat tidbit about them too, if they ever lose their tack simply wash them with soap and water or stamp cleaner. Easy peasy! I’m real excited about this hobby if you can’t tell lol.


I particularly like these membership perks!:
-2-3 times a year you receive a free limited edition stamp
-Every 12 months you’re a member, you’ll receive a new and free club only limited edition large stamp set! πŸ™‚ The 4×6 sheet size that you get in your monthly stamp set, as a thank you.
-3 times a year you also receive their storage sheet organizers free sent with the monthly stamp shipment!
-You get a discount on their website for 15% off
*SO much free stuff! These freebie perks come with both memberships so really, depending on whether you prefer just stamps or stamps and dies is your decision.

There are quite a bit of free product opportunities as a member and, very frequently at that! I really like how they reward you with free stamp sets just for being a continued member, that makes me feel like I will be a valued member! Stamps and dies are shipped out the first of the month, and the dies members receive won’t be released on the website shop until the 20th for non members so you get to play with them earlier than others. So now that I’ve explained the details of the club, here is how my stamp set was packaged!


First look, freshly out of the envelope!


It comes with a very nice quality insert mentioning the Die Hard Club upgrade option I just wrote about.

On the other side is just a club postcard.


The back of the stamps package has a little bit of additional information and is adorable!


Finally, the cute stamps! These stamps are named TV2Stamp and have cute little phrases, tv’s, and a starburst. Stephanie Barnard also has a You Tube station where she releases previews, and release videos of monthly stamps and dies for members, as well as showcases several card demos and ideas to use the stamps and create.


I’m really excited to see what kind of stamps they make for December and really really hope it’s Christmas related because I’m super excited about Christmas and love the idea of making my own cards! I’ve got lots of practicing to do but have been watching a ton of You Tube ideas and tutorials, so hopefully I will be able to make some really neat cards soon! Are any of you stamping fans?

For now I have my mini collection of stamps in a binder with sheet protectors! I used this binder for organizing info when I was the Moody Sisters blog manager πŸ˜ƒ.




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